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New power tariff to be effective from Sept 7

ISLAMABAD: Finance Ministry has approved the summary presented by NEPRA for the increase in power rates and directed to implement it immediately. According to sources, the subsidy given by government for power production and other issue has reached to Rs.175 billion. The government has now decided step-by-step withdrawal of the subsidy. Earlier, NEPRA had already announced the 31 percent increment in power rates after end of subsidy that was given on power.

Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) has started working on the preparation of the new tariff following the government approved the rise in power rates. The new tariff will be effective from September 7. The new power tariff envisages increase of 20 to 75 per cent (54 per cent on average) for domestic, industrial and commercial consumers.

According to PEPCO sources, the issue of payments amounting to billions of rupees for purchase of power is becoming a problem. Keeping this in view NEPRA has approved 54 per cent rise on the average in power tariff. PEPCO will forward the new tariff to the federal government in the next couple of days and the Prime Minister will grant approval to its summary.

It is expected that the electricity bills for the month of September will be revised on the basis of new tariff immediately after the presidential elections. The domestic consumers using 50 units of electricity in a month will not come under the new power tariff and they will continue to pay Rs1.40 per unit. The rate for 50 to 100 units of consumption will rise to Rs3.93 per unit from Rs3 while consumers of 300 to 1000 units will pay Rs8.53 per unit compared to Rs6.53 previously.-SANA

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