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NATO troops Kill 15 Pakistanis in SWA; Pakistan condemns ISAF attack

WANA: At least 15 people including two women and two children were killed in a NATO forces operation in a tribal village of the South Waziristan Agency. Local resident said the attack involved helicopters was launched close to the Afghan border. BBC quoting witnesses reported that NATO troops in three helicopters landed in the Musa Nikeh area, located on the border with Afghanistan, at about 300 am local time.

Most people in the area were awake at this early hour because of the fasting month of Ramadan. Some of the troops entered the house of a local tribesman, opened fire and then lobbed a bomb in the house, witnesses said. They said at least nine bodies had been recovered from the debris. They included two women and two children. The witnesses said the family was not known for links with militants.

Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Wednesday strongly condemned the attack in South Waziristan by the troops of International Security. Assistance Force that killed several innocent civilians. The Prime Minister said no external forces could be allowed to launch an attack in Pakistan’s territory. He said Pakistan was a sovereign country fully capable of countering extremist and terrorist elements within its borders on its own.

Pakistan on Wednesday strongly condemned the attack of Coalition forces on a village near Angoor Adda inside Pakistan and termed it a gross violation of Pakistan’s territory. Foreign Office Spokesman Muhammad Sadiq reacting to the attacked said, “The Government of Pakistan strongly condemns the assault by Coalition/ISAF troops on a village near Angoor Adda inside Pakistani territory, which has resulted in immense loss of civilian life.”

He said the helicopter borne ground attack, supported by air assets based in Afghanistan, is gross violation of Pakistan’s territory. The spokesman said, “It is, indeed, most unfortunate that Coalition/ISAF in Afghanistan have resorted to cross-border use of force against civilians.” He said, “Such actions are counter-productive and certainly do not help our joint efforts to fight terrorism.”

The spokesman said on the contrary, it undermine the very basis of cooperation and may fuel the fire of hatred and violence that Pakistan is trying to extinguish. Moreover, any attack on Pakistani territory is unacceptable and constitutes a grave provocation, he added. The spokesman said, “A strong diplomatic protest is being made by the Foreign Ministry.”-SANA

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