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Defeating the mind set

People of Pakistan are elated by coming nearer to the fall of General Pervez Musharraf and considering it a beginning of a new era where rule of law, constitutionalism and justice prevails. They consider this as an end of the status quo, dictatorship, and rule of establishment, however they are hardly aware of the fact that General Musharraf was just a pawn, a little piece of a big jig saw puzzle and the matrix of might is laughing aloud standing on the side disassociating themselves cleverly from the dying man and the dead regime. We are just proud of politically killing a sales man only by 18 Feb polls.

People felt the same at the fall of founder of this matrix Gen. Ayub Khan, or Gen. Zia and now they are falling into a trap with the fall of Gen. Musharraf. Nation needs to defeat the mind set of a class which assumes a role to govern this 160 million people by might without any lawful civilian and constitutional authority and it secures dubious authenticity sometimes on the name of referendum and sometimes by the likes of Justice Munir, Irshad Hassan Khan and justice A H Dogar. Our short history is full of these names.


The matrix is laughing out loud as people of Pakistan consider Musharraf and Matrix two different entities now. They will clap and distribute sweets if the Matrix enforce the writ of might again and restore the Chief Justice which politicians could not, or people will clap if a few corrupt are hanged on the crossings for corruptions. People and redundant politicians will welcome the very force if it comes to chuck out their own pawn and Pakistanis will consider it their victory. People will accept the verdict as public demand  if the parliament is dismissed on the premises that it failed to respect the popular mandate of ousting the President and restoring 2nd November judges thus making themselves defunct by default and the Court of  Dogar with ready made judges of  PCO will happily ratify their assault as they are expert in legalising military coup de tats. This 50 years rule of establishment negating ‘one man one vote rule,’ curbing independent judiciary and expansion of financial net work enslaving the nation to international institutions breed lawlessness, violence, hypocrisy and dictatorship of mind and heart thus keeping the nation at large poorer, uneducated, and in apathy. In these circumstances democracy is a dream which may never come true though, the country was built on this promise. And Alas, we have learnt nothing from the fall of Dhaka where one of the reason given was that when a soldier tries to be a politician he looses command of both.


Our rulers are not behind in creating this volatile situation too as they are barren of conscience, principles and politics is merciless and in this ideal environment the matrix find new faces every 10 years who are ready to bear personal oaths of allegiance than to the state. This defecto scenario which is gaining perpetuity can only be defeated by promoting good governance, normalised relations with neighbours, economic revival, educational revolution and quick justice with a system of governance where devolution takes services to the door step of poverty ridden people of Pakistan. Where landlords elite classes are replaced by middle class by design with individuals of immaculate character, professionalism, hard work and passion. It can only be achieved by sheer political will and sacrifice where interest of an individual or party is sacrificed for the interest of state.


We have limited options, still on top would be the joint collaboration for a longer period at least 10 years of the current coalition to work together as they represent Federating units and have roots in all four provinces. By luck they have Nawaz Sharif with an experienced had, and ruling PPP must understand too that they have an enormous responsibility on their shoulder and breaking the status quo requires sheer understanding of the geo political situation and will require joint work with political forces. Second option of course could be the third force of lawyers. People have voted for constitutionalism and if the force at streets gets united due to failure of the stalwart politicians then this grouping can turn into a massive movement. In that case, though status quo may be broken but situation will remain volatile as judges are not trained to take political decisions. This new lawyers era may grab a lot of sympathy and power but their target is just to restore independence of judiciary and 60 judges and running a state would be a hell of a job and risking it with a brand new force may not be wisdom if not backed by institutions. Third option is the realisation of the Matrix itself to enforce constitutionalism amongst their ranks. Quaid e Azam in his address of Staff College Quetta on 14 June 1948 said, “never forget that you are the servants of the state. You do not make policy. It is we, the people’s representatives, who decide how the country is to be run. Your job is only to obey the decisions of your civilian masters.” This is an eye opener for the establishment to re-group, and rethink their required loyalty to state as required by Article 5 of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 and pave way for true people’s rule in the country.


I feel that time has come to offer that very ‘oath of loyalty to state’ as referred by the founder Mr. Jinnah to all Secretaries, Inspector Generals of Police, all heads of institutions so that rule of law, supremacy of constitution and justice prevails in the country. Little late, then the likes of 12th May groups will be seen all around the country where these warlords carry their guns in Jeeps enslaving the majority akin to situation in Somalia as when there will be economic downfall people will fight to snatch and stay alive. Pakistan is a dream come true, and it requires understanding of the sacrifices of those 4 million who laid their lives for a cause. Enough is enough, the damage to its physical boundaries is done, now people’s representatives have a job to do and they must realize the tenacity of the requisite task as public anger is showing towards indecisiveness towards mandatory decisions. Matrix of might must foster the civilian rule in the country too before its too late even to ever have a democracy in the country. As it stands, Matrix is looking right into the eyes and saying when do you want us to come to run the state, is it not pity that Musharraf though gone, but will remain in power through his real masters and defeating the mind set remains an unfulfilled task. So much so for western attempts to bring true democracy in Pakistan.

About the author

Amjad Malik

Amjad Malik, Solicitor–Advocate of the Supreme Court of England and Wales, life member of SCBA of Pakistan, a specialist in immigration and Human Rights Law. He is a member of Law Society’s Immigration Law Committee’, he was awarded ‘Young Human Rights Lawyer Award’ for the year 2000. In the year 2001,Young Pro Bono Solicitor’s Group also named him for the national ‘Young Pro Bono Solicitor Award’. On 28 February 2007 he was awarded by (UICF) United International Community Forum (UK) in recognition to his outstanding professional contribution towards service of Asian and British community in role model capacity where Chief guest was Mrs. Cherrie Blair. He sits on ‘UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Pro Bono Lawyer’s Panel.’ He is UK representative on young lawyer committee of the International Bar Association & UK Director of Human Rights Foundation (USA) and is a current Vice chair of ‘Association of Pakistani Lawyers (UK)’.

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