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President Musharraf resigns

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President Pervez Musharraf announces his resignation, while addressing the nation today on media. “My resignation will go to the speaker of the National Assembly today,” he said in a televised address. Musharraf made the shock announcement after denying that any of the impeachment charges against him could stand and launching into a lengthy defence of his time in power. “Not a single charge in the impeachment can stand against me,” Musharraf said. “No charge can be proved against me because I never did anything for myself, it was all for Pakistan.”

The President dismissed the “false allegations” being leveled against him by the coalition government and said he was neither afraid of the charges against him, nor shy to face these through impeachment. “For me it is always Pakistan first”, Musharraf said and added that politics of confrontation must come to an end and instead a policy of reconciliation be pursued. The charges against the president include violation of the constitution and gross misconduct.

He said it was not a time to show bravado, but to get serious as country’s dignity was at stake if he considers impeachment option, the office of Presidency would bear the brunt. He said that “For 44 years I have safeguarded the country and will continue to do so.” Mr Musharraf said his appeals for reconciliation with his opponents had not seen any success.

He has been one of the United States’ strongest allies in its war on terror. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Sunday that Musharraf has been a “good ally”, but she declined to say whether he would receive U.S. asylum if he stepped down. Musharraf seized power in a 1999 coup but has been isolated since his allies lost a February election. His political rivals swept to power and made government last February in national and provincial elections after months of political confrontation and worsening militant violence. After he disposed judges including Chief Justice of Pakistan and imposed emergency on November 3 last year. After the lawyers movement against disposed judges all political parties in ruling government offered him a safe passage. But on refusal from President Musharraf ruling coalition decided to impeach him for several criminal activities. A week after threatening to impeach Musharraf, the four-month-old coalition government was finalizing its “charge sheet” against the President. All four provincial assemblies passed resolutions in recent days pressing him to resign and several old allies have joined the campaign against him. The verdict of the legislators of the vast and restive Baluchistan province follows the resolution passed unanimously in Sindh and by over 90% of the votes cast in the other two provinces, Punjab and the North-West Frontier.

Army and Officials from Saudi Arabia, as well as the United States and Britain, have been involved in negotiations aimed at ending the confrontation between Musharraf and the government. There were news that he would be indemnified for that several Ambassadors have been maneuvered with government. Even it was expected he can use the 58-2B and could have dissolve the assemblies. Instead of any extreme step he decided to step down un-conditionally today in his last address with nation.

It is expected he will leave pakistan for quite sometime and return after some time to face the people of Pakistan, but when Ms rice has said that US is not considering to offer him an exile what country would he be considering to be in.

Chairman Senate Mian Muhammad Somroo will take the charge of acting president of Pakistan. There are several non-controversial names for the presidency are echoing

Whole Pakistan is expected coalition government not to commit more mistakes and face the challenges of terrorism, economic disorders, and political instability in the country. Pakistan is hoping that Judges will be resorted in next few days as per promised to nation by the current ruling allience.

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Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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