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Shab-e-Baraat to be observed with religious fervour

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KARACHI: Shab-e-Baraat, the night of reverence and fervour, will be celebrated with religious zeal tonight. Muslims will offer special prayers to seek forgiveness for their sins and Allah’s blessings on the occasion to achieve success in their lives and the hereafter. Mosques have been decorated and illuminated for the occasion. Special prayers will also be offered for the integrity of Pakistan and solidarity of Muslims worldwide. People will visit graveyards in the early morning to pray for the souls of the deceased.

In the Arabic language, however, the day is known as Lailatul Bara’at, meaning the night of emancipation. Shab-e-Baraat is observed 15 days before the beginning of Ramazan. Shabaan is the eighth month of the Hijri calendar and falls between the two sacred months of Rajab and Ramazan.-SANA

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