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HRW terms Ms. Anne Patterson as Diplomatic liar

WASHINTON: Human Rights Watch (HRW) condemned the statement of U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Ms. Anne W. Patterson that Dr. Aafia was not in custody of US before July 17, 2008. HRW criticised the recent published letter of her in Pakistani news papers as Patterson said, “Dr. Aafia was not in US custody either at Afghanistan’s Bagram Air Base or anywhere else at any time prior to her detention by Afghan police on July 17, 2008. She sustained non-life threatening injuries, received prompt medical attention, and is expected to fully recover”.

HRW called the Ambassador “a diplomatic liar” is because she had falsely claimed, without any legal evidence or lawful proof, in her letter to the Pakistani news papers. However, HRW revealed that Ms. Joanne Mariner Director, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Program (HRW) told US President George W. Bush, through her letter of 26 February 2007, that Pakistani citizen Dr. Aafia Siddiqui was illegally detained by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after she was illegally kidnapped in March 2003 from Karachi.-SANA

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