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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Americans are informed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What I am seeing in the US mass media is a simplistic and systematic demonization of Pakistan. I could site many examples, but all one has to do is look at the New York Times. Here’s how it works. Al Qaeda is evil. Al Qaeda is gaining strength in Pakistan. Therefore, Pakistan is evil.

The New York Times has also demonized Russia in its recent conflict with Georgia. When, if fact, it was Bush/Saakashvilli, working under the diversion of the opening of the Olympic games, attacked a people who are for all intents and purposes, Russian! Georgia will be in NATO to serve evil doctrine of Bush, it is a route to Caspian sea. And it’s not really Bush, per say. Bush is the current puppet. The problem is corporate fascism. Corporations rule the world and the world’s governments. Unfortunately, Barack Obama cannot change that. In fact, he’ll most likely be another puppet (nicer, more friendly than Bush, but still a puppet).

This is depressing. Nothing seems to have changed here in the US. True, most American’s no longer favor the war in Iraq, yet most Americans are still ridiculously ignorant about what is going on in the world. The US, corporate-profit-driven-mass-media, is to blame. It’s a huge and monstrous propaganda machine.

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Tommy Schmitz is a writer in Des Moines, Iowa. He Grew up in Cincinnati's west side, spent nine years in the corporate world, then seventeen years running his own consultancy, mostly to automobile machinery makers in Japan, China and the US. He lived in Tokyo from 1992 to 1999. Besides serving auto industry clients (Toyota, Honda, Denso, Robert Bosch, Mitsubishi) he was the first non-Japanese accepted by the government as a paid advisor to Japanese small and medium sized companies. (Chushokigyochou, Division of JETRO and MITI).
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  1. This is interesting to me…truly. Because from reading the above, you and I have much in common right off the bat.

    I grew up in Ohio (Cleveland area).

    I have been a very low income and nearly homeless person. The very people you advocate for.

    I have also been a community volunteer (not an activist, but helping in a different way, from helping at food banks to serving on boards of various philanthropic org’s.)

    I, also, am “disenchanted”, to put it mildly, with what main stream media puts out there, especially The New York Times. In fact, I’m hard pressed to find any main stream media outlets that aren’t slanted one way or another. Whatever I read, I keep in mind one of my favorite quotes, “Paper doesn’t refuse ink.”

    (A side note: I don’t feel the problem is all due to being corporate-profit driven. I suspect there are individuals in places of influence within media who are bought off by people/organizations wanting to further their own agendas.

    And personally, I don’t see anything wrong with ‘corporations’ or ‘government’ per se. While they often do take on a life of their own, the problem, in my opinion, is rooted in individual greed and abuse of power.)

    What really interests me, since you and I seem to have similar views, is that I haven’t seen evidence at all of a simplistic and systematic demonization by the U.S. mass media of Pakistan, and I have been following world affairs very closely. I’m not saying that you are wrong, just that I haven’t seen it.

    The other thing I find interesting is that I have never seen the NYT as being even remotely supportive of Bush. And I have never come across anyone expressing even remotely that NYT *does*. Tommy, I’m not trying to criticize here. Actually, I find this to be a potentially fascinating and educational dialogue.

    Lastly, on the subject of Russia and Georgia and a Bush/Georgia covert plan, at this point, I don’t agree, but I am open to persuasion.

  2. Hello Sis, what a great reply and thank you for “getting at me” on my rant.

    Good to meet you. I understand where you are coming from. I am also from there. But today, for whatever reason, I see things a little differently than I used to … namely, the underlying layers of disfunction in modern society. No longer do I believe that “the system” is basically good with but a few “bad apples”. No. Unfortunately, the entire system basically sucks and the owner of the apple orchard creates the system, too.

    Okay. I’m ranting again, but there a highly rational pathway to seeing societies’ incomprehensible disfunctions and the best way I know is to read Erich Fromm, especially “The Sane Society”.

    Why do I care? Because I know that our societal disfunctions are not sustainable. This means we are quickly doing ourselves in, as a species upon this earth. We? Yes everyone. Each is affected. Each carries to some degree some of the karma flowing from what kind of system we have.

    It ain’t rocker science. We can learn and apply the principles. The teachers are out there. Like Fromm. Like David Korten.

    Again, Ginny. Nice to meet you! I love Cleveland. Lonnnng story. Keep talking.

    – tommy in des moines, iowa

  3. Tommy, I agree that Americans are generally ignorant of what is going on in the world and in our own country, too, for that matter. Since the de-regulation of the ownership of media outlets, the concentration of media outlets into too few hands has resulted in too few voices out there, and those big corporatons calling the shots on the news in many cases. This is a trend that I hope will reverse when Congress re-convenes and votes on a bill to reverse this trend. It has already made it through the Senate and will be voted on by the House. Let’s hope that the 4th estate will never be fettered in America for long. I hope that some of the damage that has occurred will be reversed after that although damage of this type will take time to correct. I hope that after the American people discover the depth and scope of their propagandizing and deceipt by the Bushwacko administration, they will demand that the press account for its roll in failing to ask the hard questions. I have hope and faith in our future!

  4. Thank you, Angela. You’re right. We can’t give up. And yet results will depend upon our understanding that it’s not primarily the press and Congress that need our attention… it’s the moneyed hands of Wall Street that control both. There’s a good book, published in 2006 I believe, that explains it better than I do: “The Great Turning” by David Korten. He’s actually a PhD in Business from Stanford University and a former professor at the Harvard Business School.

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