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How do i celebrate Independence day?

Everyone has his or her way to mark the Independence Day on August 14. Pakistan Times has asked several people from different walks of lives and all age groups about the way they celebrate Independence day? Independence Day reminds us the unforgettable contributions of our great leaders and workers of Pakistan Movement who devoted their lives for acquiring an independent state for Muslims of the subcontinent. Several activities are planned by civil society and public departments on national level including competitions, exhibitions and discussion Programmes to highlight the achievements of freedom fighters and pay tributes to their services. Thus keeping in view all these things Pakistan Times has taken opinion of people regarding changes they have notice since their childhood towards the celebrations of Independence Day.

Here are the different ways people celebrate their independence and perspective about the change they witnessed

Sadaf Arshad: When i was child, i used to hoist flag and the whole night i used to spend while putting those jhandis on roof and used to decorate whole roof, and the same zeal and enthusiasm i witnessed on all roofs.. now maximum i see a flag. People did not share the enthusiasm with the young generation. In my childhood i used to be up when guards are changed at Quaid’s tomb and the ceremony was shown on television. But now i did not notice that excitement.

Khawar Rizvi: Well to talk about this day … it was much secular before Gen. Zia-ul-Haq later he gave it a very religious color .. i am not sure that common people still give it enough attention now .. i mean it is changed during last 20 years.. Earlier no one could even dare to imagine if this day could be celebrate as black day protesting for rights or other political reasons …
but now it is becoming some thing like this. In smaller provinces like Baluchistan and Sindh it happening that shows how some section of population is changing its sentiments towards this day .. that means feeling secluded from main stream Pakistan … conclusion is people are loosing the sense of independence ..

Ghazala Khan: I celebrate it by blogging about Pakistan on Pakistan Spectator. The change is that there is now more and more about showing off and the passion is getting scarce day by day.

Tariq Roshan: well i wish my friends a very Happy Independence Day by all available media like Phone, internet etc ….now things have changed alot what i feel now people dnt have that much lv for pakistan..and pakistan army..every one is trying to quit pakistan
yup there will be party in our university where we all friends together will sit and participate in a program where every one can express his/her feeling or comments on this day. we also invite our Swedish class fellows n teacher there in program n they come

Zunaira Ali: Independence day is celebrated in all colleges and schools with flag hosting and parade with some distinguished lectures and with competitions like singing or speaking. People use to dress up in green and white colors, some people visits historical places or doing fireworks. Over the period of time – people have lost interest in the celebration of independence day – it s more restricted to the official functions and celebration – more of a work then the showcase of real patriotic feelings.

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Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times


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  • Salaam :p
    Independence day according to me…is a day to remember all those sacrifices of those great great leaders, who gave away their lives to give us a separate homeland to live in !!
    but, when i was a child….i didnot knew what it actually is!! i used to hoist a flag on the top of my roof and put on all those “jhandias” everywhere in the courtyard :p slowly slowly, i learnt that it not that. We should feel that in our hearts and not just put flags in competition….
    bye. Take care!! love my beloved country “Pakistan”