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Drishtikone is a Hindi word for “Perspective” revealing dimensions of various things. Blogger Desh Kapoor mainly has given a spiritual orientation. Thus “View from an Angle” elaborates the relation between mind, body, feelings, thought as whole a complete human perspective. Interestingly writings have been deliberately made more analytical as opposed to just informative to capture readers attention.

The cleaner and more intuitive design compel visitor to stop here for few more minutes. The logo really says open yourself to “perspectives”. Navigation seems to be simple. With inclusion of more interesting features like sociables, rating blogs are making sense while denoting blogs a social media. Adding Birth-dates feature is a deliberate effort to make Drishtikone a community.

Listing of Indian restaurants in USA is a certainly an endeavor to promote Indian culture and cuisine in USA. Something that really makes Drishtikone different from other blogs is “Food for Thought” offering every visitor a unique perspective to view world and understand it.

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Rubab Saleem

Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times

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