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Sherry says public’s verdict already out-Impeachment motion next week

ISLAMABAD: Federal Information Minister Sherry Rehman has described the resolutions passed against President Pervez Musharraf by the Punjab and NWFP assemblies with thumping majority as an overwhelming endorsement of the coalition government’s decision for impeachment. “The verdict of the people is already out,” said the Information Minister in a statement. She further said “impeachment motion against President Musharraf would be tabled in the Parliament next week”

She said, “The government’s move to go ahead with impeachment of General Musharraf has received overwhelming support from public representatives. This is a tidal wave in favour of democracy.” On Tuesday, the NWFP Assembly passed a non-confidence resolution against the President, with 107 members including members of the PPP Sherpao group voting in favour and only four members voting against.

Earlier on Monday a similar resolution was passed by the Punjab assembly where 321 members, including some from PML-Q, voted in favour and only 25 against the resolution. “We welcome support from the PPP Sherpao group among others, and we note with satisfaction that supporting members of PML-Q have also realized the importance of standing on the right side of history,” said the Minister. “We expect that this tide of support will continue and rise when the motion is presented in the joint session of the Parliament.”

Elaborating the significance of the no-confidence resolution in the Punjab and NWFP Assemblies, Ms. Rehman said that this was a very important development. “Such overwhelming endorsement is strong evidence of democracy finally taking root in Pakistan,” she said. “The resolutions passed by these two assemblies have boosted our confidence, and the government is determined to proceed with its impeachment move.”

She said ruling coalition government has got two third majority and added alliance would get more than required number for impeachment. The information minister said that charge sheet against the president was very strong however he would be given full chance to defend. Impeachment motion against President Musharraf would be presented next week after passing of Anti-Musharraf resolution in Sindh Assembly, she added.

She termed the support of PPP-Sherpao good omen for democracy. The Federal Minister said that the government had already adopted a purely constitutional path for the impeachment. “There will be no dirty politics, no horse-trading and no trampling of the Constitution. We want to set a precedent for our future generations that democracy is the best form of accountability for dictatorship.”-SANA

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