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Sheikh Aziz among 8 killed as sea of people comes on streets

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SRINAGAR: At least eight persons including senior Hurriyat leader, Sheikh Abdul Aziz were killed as troopers opened indiscriminate fire at several places in the Valley to prevent massive processions from marching towards Muzaffarabad. A senior police officer was under attack in North Kashmir. His properties were attacked by strong mobs while several bunkers were demolished and gypsies burnt down by processionists during the “Muzaffarabad March”. Medical Superintendent, SMHS Wasim Qureshi told Rising Kashmir that four injured including Huriyat leader Sheikh Abdul Aziz died in the hospital.

Besides, Aziz two more persons identified as Manzoor Ahmad Akhoon son of Haji Abdul Shaban of Khanpora Baramulla and Abdul Hamid Bhat of Kanlibagh, Baramulla also injured when police fired at protestors at Tachal, Uri. They died on way to hospital. Qureshi further said that two of the dead persons belong to Baramulla and were brought dead to hospital. “Another person was killed in firing by police at Qamarwari,” he said. Another protector identified as Irfan Nazir Lone of Thindma Kreeri died on spot in police firing at Sangrama in North Kashmir district of Baramulla as the massive group of marchers heading for Muzzaffarabad were intercepted by police at Sangrama.

In another incident Ishfaq Khan of Qamarwari was killed when hundreds and thousands of marchers were intercepted by police and paramilitary CRPF at Qamarwari. The police opened fire directly on the marchers and used innumerable teargas canisters. The incident resulted in killing of Ahmad besides injuring of scores of people. Following the killing of six protestors including senior Huriyat leader, Sheikh Abdul Aziz, the authorities imposed curfew in Srinagar and other parts of Valley. An official spokesman said that curfew was imposed in Srinagar and other major towns of valley as a precautionary measure.

Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, Masoud Samoon told Rising Kashmir that curfew will be enforced on Tuesday also to prevent the situation from taking ugly turn. Sources said that the security forces and police have been asked to remain on high alert and people were asked to remain indoor. The announcements were being made through public address system calling on people not to venture out and stay put in their homes.

Earlier, people in thousands marched towards North Kashmir to participate in the “Muzaffarabad March” to protest against the economic blockade of the Valley. In North Kashmir, the march to Muzaffarabad commenced from Sopore Fruit Mandi after people defied restrictions. Sopore Fruit Mandi was besieged early morning by police and CRPF men and five trade union leaders were detained and tyres of decorated fruit laden trucks were deflated by the troopers.

After arrest of leaders, announcements were made through Public Address System (PAS) asking people to join the “Muzaffarabad March”. People heeded the call and thousands of them marched from four sides of Mandi and broke the cordon. Seeing thousands of people marching towards them, the troopers ran for cover and the protestors damaged two gypsies of police and CRPF.

Afterwards, thousands of people proceeded towards Muzaffarabad on foot from apple town Sopore carrying placards and banners. “Bridle these fanatics”, “Open Muzaffarabad road”, read the banners carried by people. As they reached Sopore town, they clashed with police, who tried to prevent them from moving ahead. Since the protestors were thousands, they managed to cross the barricades and reached Sangrama, where they were fired upon by policemen, causing death of Tahir Ahmad Lone and injuries to another protestor, Nasir Ahmad. This infuriated the protestors, who burnt down two police gypsy bearing numbers JK05- 4772 and JKO5 5819.

Thousands of people again joined march with women lined up on roadside yelling pro freedom and pro–Pakistan slogans. They were seen serving water and food packets to the protestors and praying for their safety. After the protestors reached Baramulla, the processionists boarded buses, trucks, scooters to move towards Muzaffarabad. Amidst pro-freedom, pro-Pakistan and anti-India slogans, the protestors, who were led by Huriyat leaders, Sheikh Abdul Aziz and Shabir Ahmad Shah reached Tachal, Uri, some 20 kms from Uri. They could not move ahead as the army had dug up trenches to prevent people and vehicles from moving ahead.

When the protestors tried to march ahead, they were fired on by the troopers, causing injuring to at least 20 persons including Sheikh Abdul Aziz. Aziz received bullet injury in his abdomen and was rushed to nearby hospital, where from he was referred to SMHS hospital, where he succumbed. After the firing incident, the stand-off between the protestors and troopers continued with the protestors refusing to move back. Senior Hurriyat leader Shabir Shah along with thousands of protestors were camping in Nowshera, Uri and will resume “Muzaffarabad March” on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, thousands of people were on streets till late night at Sangrama, Delina, Sheeri, Hyderbugh, Zumgum, Pattan. They were waiting for the sunrise to recommence their “Muzaffarabad March”. In a related development, senior Huriyat leader Nayeem Khan was arrested by police. He was detained in Panzla police station, which is the last village in Rafiabad.

Meanwhile, after the death of Huriyat leader, Sheikh Abdul Aziz, the protestors attacked police station, Gantamulla and ransacked it. “14 persons detained in the police station were set free by the mob,” sources said adding, “The station was later set afire by the agitating people”. The protestors also attacked the residence of SHO Police Station Sheeri, Baramulla, Khurshid Khan at Shervani Colony, Gantamulla. “They ransacked the police officer’s bungalow and later set it on fire,” sources said, adding, “It was completely damaged in the blaze”.

The police officer’s brother too was at the receiving end. His brother’s showroom, Irshad Motors, was also set on fire by the angry mob. The mobs have been attacking the properties of the police officer following the killing of Aziz. The protestors alleged that the police officer had fired bullets on Aziz, causing his death. Scores of people, including chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Aasiya Andrabi, were injured in the clashes. To prevent situation for escalation, authorities in the evening imposed curfew within the municipal limits of Srinagar.

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    In Jammu and Kashmir state India deals with the people according to their religion. In Jammu Fanatic extremist Hindu parties and their activists and the people of Jammu who being armed with swords trishuls( a three edged spear)petrol bombs, who torch lynch and cut Muslims and Muslim cops as well are given cold drinks by Indian Army and Hindu dominated Jammu police. they are given a free passage for attaching Offices of Kashmir based newspapers, Throw petrol bombs on the trucks of Muslim drivers plying on pathankot Srinagar highway. Who set on fire whole Gujjar (Muslim) huts in Jammu.Sambha,Kathua.Indian communal army watches them with pride and pats them.People like Brig.Suchet sing(retd) Who during the time of service took oath under secular constitution was found shoulder to shoulder assisting advising communal and fanatic Hindus how to attack and enforce economic blockade against Muslims of Kashmir,Doda,poonch . And harass Muslims of Jammu region. If a person of such calibre and post in Indian army can be of dubious character what about the common solider of this army. After the events of Jammu it should be eye opener of everyone who harbour illusions about the secular fabric of Indian army. We remember that during Gujarat massacre of Muslims we were told that had there been army called out by George Fernandez ,Muslims could have been saved but time has proved wrong. What is the difference now when in Gujarat an ex M.P (Muslim) is killed by throwing burning tyre on him in the absence of Army and fanatic Hindu youths who on riding a motorcycle throw petrol bombs on a Kashmiri Muslim truck driver who got burnt 90% and is waiting for death to overcome him as all the burnt people die of septicaemia. Sure death. This all was done in broad daylight in the presence of Hindu police and Secular army of India.Now the question arises how many Suchet singhs will be in the Indian army having masks of secularism on their face and when they get an opportunity to inflict harm to the Muslims they would be doing that without any let or hinderence.If Govt.of India wants to give an example to others then it should annulate the pension of this communal ex Brig.Take the medals if any from him as a punishment for defaming the army,otherwise this taint will remain on the army and secular fabric will be always disputed.
    Now lets talk about what the same army does when they are in Kashmir.Unarmed protestors whose weapon is faith and trust in Allah,Who never pour venom against Hindus.Who consider Common man of Jammu their own.Who take Hindu piligrims on their shoulders to their place of worship high up in the mountains of Kashmir.Who at the time of the adventure of tribals in 1947 saved the Hindus in Kashmir only for their betrayal in 1990 when the same Hindus left valley in order to Give Jagmohan a free hand to Kill the Muslims in Kashmir which he did with full impunity.Freedom is a right of every Human being.Kashmiris who were betrayed and deceived by Sheikh Abdullah want freedom from Indian occupation and want use the right of self determination as promised to them by UN and the first prime Minister of India.When Kashmiris raise their voice against the oppression and ask for eroding the cease fire line so as to avoid confrontation with Hindu fanatics of Jammu, ask for freedom. The secular army of India spray them with bullets and such tear gas shells which are supposed to used during combat. Beat them with Bamboo sticks to pulp. In 21 century a protest rally in other parts of world is stopped by spraying water on the protestors so that no life is lost. But India doesn’t consider Kashmiris their citizens which have been proven again again and again from 1947 till date. Why then kashmiris should consider themselves Indians. In Kashmir when people protest army gets so frustrated that they enter residential houses and beat the immates break windows, Molest women.
    The cold blooded killings of last two days have revealed again the real face of secular India and its secular army.Kashmiris who were caught between a rock and hard place by the economic blockade were just trying to get their Just voice heard by the higher authorities of India. If govt. of India would had clamped curfew in the city as soon as the time of March towards Muzzaffarabad was announced we would have understood that all this is done in good faith but Unfortunately The occupational forces have long ago tasted the blood of unarmed Kashmiris and they want to taste it again and again.The unknown graves in Kashmir. The fake encounters.Criminal attacks on ambulances and doctors who were transporting injured.Beating women and children have again proven the dubious attitude of Indian army and its sister forces towards Kashmiris.Now it’s a high time for kashmiri’s to understand that its do or die situation now and as we all know that Independence from Indian occupation cannot be a reality until we all fight together against those who have deprived us of it fro centuries.We must listen to our leaders and act as per their command so as to get success.May god Help Kashmiris.

    Your fellow kashmiri
    Dr,Bilal Sheikh

    Ministry of Health.Saudi Arabia

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