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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Secret Cameras in Marriage Halls: A heinous Act

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I was thinking a little ahead of simple blackmailing, when I stumbled upon the news of video clips of brides made by the Marriage hall Owners through secret cameras, strongly enough these cameras are installed in Bridal rooms and even in wash rooms attached to those bridal rooms. Marriage Halls are the option for people to accommodate their wedding ceremonies.

These fugitives are not only involved in blackmailing in suburbs of Sialkoat and Daska but have been destroying several lives making people psychologically suffered. Pakistan is a society where social taboos are still associated with the women whether direct, indirect, deliberate or accidental involvement is observed; sadly the culprit is “woman” And she is responsible for her undone deeds and made notorious.

Law enforcement agencies though launched a special camera search operation against the Marriage hall owners of Sialkoat region; but I am sure this heinous business has its roots across the Pakistan. I feel government should pay heed to this issue on wide scale because close circuit cameras are easily available and interestingly people can purchase close circuit cameras on plea of security reasons. While government has asked business community to install cameras; these are easily accessible.

When I was a child I heard from my mother there were many girls who committed suicide as those were being blackmailed by ad companies. These companies shoot some of private activities in changing rooms before the shoots. One of my cousin’s friend; a young, beautiful, as I remember her glimpses fragile and lean lastly she was Fine Arts graduate committed suicide only because her clips were shoot while she was dressing up for a photo shoot.

I have been hearing about few of Beauty salons also; that have been engaged in such activities. Though a wide spread wave in this regard was not noticed perhaps because most of salons are run and owned by women.

There is another thing I noticed among young school and college girls — they take pictures and make videos from their cell phones and then post these on YouTube or other networks like this. This is again not impossible as internet is full of these social media sites where friends share among each other and make them public—- and believe me this is ENOUGH for girls in Pakistan to be scandalously popular. Such girls; resultantly are unable to get married or divorced on being discovered within their In-Laws.

Pakistan is adopting liberal values and so-called enlightenment is getting its roots in Pakistani culture. This intermingling of thoughts have made youth confused, and with emergence of media they are becoming frustrated. Thus they find way outs to let their frustration go. Girls find boyfriends and share their clips and photographs with them; and they exploit their innocence and distribute those among their friends. I do not blame anyone for this evil but the family institution that is becoming weak and the values and the norms are being imparted are not strong.

There was another example when videos of dancing girls on Mehndi functions were released by camera men who cover weddings. And I know several girls were divorced as they were married in respectable families. Girls were responsible because they were dancing to express their joy on brother, sister or any other relative’s wedding. Alas! No one understands that this was wholly camera men who destroyed many lives.

Interestingly our religious and social circles show concern on all un necessary issues but on this issue they seemed be quite. It is also their responsibility to not only to indicate these unethical practices rather they should thwart in society rather than shouting and yelling on the political system.

I was delighted to learn that one of the marriage hall owners was arrested for developing video clips of ladies through cameras fixed in Bridal rooms. I request government to punish him harshly as to others who are involved in this business should be discouraged. But unfortunately these elements can hardly be obstructed because Police take bhatta from them to legitimize whatever they do.

I suggest District administration should issue clearance certificate to Marriage Hall Owners after examining venue properly. And often they should visit to keep an eye on the activities of Hall owners. Secondly women should also be really attentive to the things and activities around them when they are outside home. In this way lives of other women can be saved from ruining.

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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