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PA resolution asks Musharraf to seek vote of confidence


LAHORE: A resolution has been passed unanimously in Punjab Assembly demanding President Pervez Musharraf to seek vote of confidence on Monday. A total of 321 votes supported the resolution whereas only 25 went against it.

Interestingly situation arose when The member Punjab Assembly belonging to Pakistan Muslim League-Quid-e-Azam (PML-Q) forward block Ata Muhammad Maneka has apologized the nation for supporting Pervez Musharraf in the past and said that they will wholeheartedly support PML–N and PPP for their move to impeach the President.

Addressing a news conference here on Monday he said that he himself and thirty four other members of provincial Assembly belonging to Pakistan PML-Q will support the resolution regarding the impeachment of President Pervez Musharraf. He said the decision supporting the impeachment move was made by the forward block due to gross violation of constitution besides financial irregularities of President.

Further more in horsetrading A member of Pakistan Muslim League-Q of Punjab Assembly Qamar Hayat Kathia Monday said he rejected joining the forward bloc. Mr Kathia did not attend the conference By Atta Maneka. According to a source, Qamar Hayat Kathia had refused to join the bloc despite efforts made by Sheikh Mohammad Yaqoob and Najaf Shah.-SANA



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