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Musharraf must face criminal charges

During his nine years of dictatorial rule of Pakistan, President Pervez Musharraf has committed financial irregularities, violations of the Constitution and ‘criminal acts’ that warrant an open trial not just impeachment. It was stated by Dr. Akram, Senior Vice President and Chairman, Media and Communications, Pakistan Muslim League USA while taking to the media about impeachment of General Musharraf. “His resignation is not enough because if criminals like him get safe passage then people will lose faith in the government” he added.

Dr. Akram said the impeachment of Musharraf is a national issue as 86 per cent of the people of Pakistan want to see the president out of office. People want him to be tried for subversion of the Constitution, imposition of emergency, attack on judiciary, missing persons, the Lal Masjid operation, misconduct, corruption in the funds received from the US for supporting the war against terror, killing of Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Bugti and detention of hundreds of youths in Balochistan without trial.

He warned the ruling parties that people will not forgive them if they safe passage to Pervez Musharraf. He had no sympathy for 160 million people of Pakistan why they should have any sympathy for him, he asked. The political leadership will face the music if they decided against the wishes of people, he said. Dr. Akram said the use of Article 58-2(b) by the President will be suicidal and the time is gone to think about it. The Article 6 is the only option which should be used now to teach him and future adventurers a lesson, he said.-SANA

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