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Proud to be an Indian


India is country full of colors. There are peoples of different color, creed, caste and religions. Every body leads a respectable life in this secular society. From the very beginning of our culture we have given full opportunity to everyone irrespective of their caste as before 1887 there as hardly any reservations…..First Backward Classes Commission, 1955 or the Kaka Kalelkar Commission (Adhering to Article 340, the First Backward Classes Commission was set up by a presidential order on January 29, 1953 under the chairmanship of Kaka Kalelkar and Determine the criteria to be adopted in considering whether any sections of the people in the territory of India in addition to the SC and ST as socially and educationally backward classes, using such criteria it was to prepare a list of such classes setting out also their approximate members and their territorial distribution) started a new chapter in the reservation history.

But this is the story which has existed long back. Although, in these days the leading Netas (Hindi word for Politicians) claim to maintain our heritage and culture. For a common Indian it is not truism as actions speak larger than words. And their actions have shown their intent.

Reservation has marked a dark chapter in the history of education in India also. Reservation on the basis of cast shows the mentality of the Netas whereas they use to exploit masses on basis of castes and clans. Our Mr. ArJun Singh HRD (Human Resource development) Minister tried to prove himself a “GOD” in the eyes of Scheduled Cast (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) and specially OBC (Other Backward Class). The concepts for treating human beings has changed across the globe and when the whole world thinks that reservations are a scourge; and we inherited from our constitutional fathers, one person (HRD Minister of our Great India) in this planet thinks otherwise.

The champion of so called “underprivileged” people is hell-bent upon demolishing the educational fabric of this country with the moves upon which even the buffoons would cry!!!! First was the case of branding below par institutes as IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), then the case of overseas expansion of IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) and now the latest: raising the reservations to 49.5% in higher education. In the current education system of India in a national government funded institute seats are reserved for SC (Scheduled Cast), ST (Scheduled Tribes) and OBC (Other Backward Classes).

Before implementation of this “Great and Brilliant Idea”, there were no reservations for OBC and the total reservations were about 22.5(%) approximately. But our great patriotic person has raised this quota to 49.5% approximately. However Supreme Court has currently given some constraints like if a person belongs to OBC but if their family income is above 10,000/- Per Month or if over 50% of that cast (short listed in OBC category) is educated then that caste will be considered as “Cream Layer” and will be excluded from this bogus rule (so called great step for the betterment of the backwards). After hearing this verdict from the Supreme Court the Slaves of Congress Party busted into tears.

In my college days I have seen lots of people who belong to this SC, ST or OBC category but they are rich and affluent. They have taken all the advantages of society still they have used their SC, ST or OBC rankings to get their admissions. There are still a large number of depleted mentality people in India, who still use their SC, ST and OBC certificates to get admissions in best colleges or to get best jobs. But on the other hand i have seen people who belong to forward class but surviving in really bad circumstances and could never avail such facilities. I have witnessed several people who have skipped several times meals just to continue their education. And by the grace of God their sacrifices worked and they have gained good ranks in Entry Tests to get admission in the best colleges of India, but they were unable to pay their fees. I usually fell gracious to those senior college professors and other generous people who supported few of them. But, Mr. Singh is not there to help them. No scholarships for them.

Personally I support reservations but not on the basis of Cast stratification; It should be on the basis of economic conditions of people and the willing students. Personally i belong to the highest cast in Hindu religion system (Brahmin). This is a general perception that government should support the poor, needy and willing student to continue his or her studies but in India it is almost reverse the case. Ideally speaking there should be reservations for those people who have struggled in reality. Whether he is SC or ST or OBC or Brahmin Or Rajput…be it any one.

In India particularly in Tamil Nadu this segregation is very high. They have even settled “Anti-Brahmin Movement”. My God!!!!….how strange they are!!! In this state the DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam)government even allotted 3.5% of seats each to Muslims and Christians, thereby altering the OBC reservation to 23% from 30% since it excludes persons belonging to Other Backward Castes who are either Muslims or Christians.

I don’t think any where in the world allows or tolerates these biases. But it is in India…we enjoy these biases and still we say……”Proud to be an Indian”.


  1. it certainly is cause it has revealed the implications and hurdles for getting education in a secular state that claims to treat everyone equally.. Its majority religion and its castes are not provided with access to education without discrimination.. anyways these are policy matters and we can not comment on these

  2. inspite of all this unfair things…we are INDIANS…and we love our nation by heart……….and can give our life for this country!!!


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