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Writers for establishment of Benazir leadership centers

ISLAMABAD: There is no substitute for hope and Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was a ray of hope for the deprived and downtrodden people of the country, hence, her person and her politics has to keep on radiating hope among the people of Pakistan even after her assassination. A galaxy of intellectuals and writers from different parts of the country expressed these feelings in a literary gathering arranged here under the aegis of Pakistan Intellectual Forum ( PIF) on Wednesday.

M.I Nizamani said: Mohtarma Shaheed had has left us a great legacy in that everything she did was for a cause above herself adding that “The whole of her life, she strived to preach and practice invaluable democratic lessons and values in this democracy-starved country and now we have the democratic government setup in the country to take the State out of grave crisis” he maintained.

Asadullah Mungrai said: For the PPP-led coalition government, the best way to pay tribute Shaheed Mohtarma, is a solemn commitment, never to abandon the values she preached and practiced and to work tirelessly for the unity of our people in the struggle for a better life for all.

Hashim Abro of the PIF said: throughout her life, has reflected the qualities of rare leadership — the capacity to see beyond the present situation, with its pressures and competing vested interests, and take bold decisions in the interests of the country and countrymen. “Equally important has been her capacity to inspire people to follow her lead. Of course, her Party workers rejoiced in her leadership” Abro observed.

Abro proposed the establishment of “Benazir Leadership Centers” under the Ministry of Women Development in various Universities of Pakistan where Intellectual-politicians are involved for the grooming and growth of young leadership in the country.

On the occasion a resolution was passed regarding the establishment of a committee comprising writers, intellectuals, PPP workers, Shaheed Mohtarma’s comrades and colleagues, diplomats, political scientists and human rights activists to write her comprehensive biography both in Pakistani and international languages, for promotion of her reconciliatory politics around the world and popularization of her struggle against autocrats in the generations to come.-SANA

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