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Kashmiri moot for inclusion of Kashmiris in Pak-Indo talks

ISLAMABAD: First Kashmiri Leadership Conference has supported Pak-Indo dialogue process and demanded to include Kashmiris in the talks. The participants of the first Kashmiri Leadership Conference, organized by the Kashmir Institute of International Relations, (KIIR) Islamabad, met on August 7, 2008 at Margala Hotel, in Islamabad.

The participants from across the Line of Control (LoC) discussed the ongoing Pak-India composite dialogue in the context of Jammu & Kashmir issue and arrived on the following broad consensus points. The participants reaffirm their support to the Pakistan India composite dialogue process and emphasize the need to make it result oriented on Kashmir issue, giving a reasonable timeframe for a conclusive advance towards a settlement.

It is unanimously expressed that the final settlement of the Jammu & Kashmir issue can not be made without the active participation of the people of the Jammu and Kashmir State as the principal party and co- stakeholder. It was also a consensus point that status quo does not offer any solution to long standing issue. The final settlement should be in accordance with the will and aspirations of people of Jammu & Kashmir.

The participants welcomed the various CBMs taken after Jan 2004 to improve communication between two sides of the divide and appeal to Delhi and Islamabad to strengthen it. They recommend establishing an independent and credible mechanism to investigate human rights violations by the various actors during the last two decades. It urges that the administration should, without delay, revoke all black laws to ease the human rights situation and propose an impartial and independent Truth and Reconciliation Commission to have an access in all the areas of the state.

The leadership conference concludes with its recommendation that a broad based dialogue should commence between all the stakeholders of the Jammu and Kashmir. In this context, it urges Delhi and Islamabad to provide unhindered access to Kashmiri leadership and civil society representatives to meet and deliberate on the soil of Jammu & Kashmir and to evolve a common consensus position. It also recommends that the Kashmiris from various shades of opinion form a core group to crystallize ideas and to steer the process. -SANA

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