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Senate discusses integrity, security of country

ISLAMABAD: The Senate resumed discussion on the external factors relevant to the integrity and security of the country. Taking part in the debate, Maulana Rahat Hussain expressed concern over the attitude of the government towards prime intelligence agency ISI and said CIA and other spying agencies including RAW and KHAD are free to promote miscreant activities in various parts of the country while the government under foreign pressure intends to minimize the activities of ISI that has rendered tremendous services for the security of the country.

Nisar A. Memon in his speech said that terrorists are reorganizing their force due to wrong policies of the present government on war on terrorism that are major threat to national security. Mushahid Hussain Syed criticized Pakistan’s stance on the controversial India-US nuclear deal at the International Atomic Energy Agency. He was of the view that while Kabul, New Delhi and Washington have one voice while criticizing Pakistan to not control terrorism and extremism it is imperative for Pakistan to be more proactive while taking sensitive decisions and work to promote its relations with China and Iran.

Leader of the House Mian Raza Rabbani while contradicting the claim of Mushahid Hussain Syed regarding taking U-turn by the government at IAEA on India-US nuclear deal said it was not the present regime but President Pervez Musharraf and government of Shaukat Aziz who retreated and said there is no comparison between Indian and Pakistan on the nuclear issue.

He said both the President and the Prime Minister were present while President Bush on 4th March, 2006 addressing a joint news conference in Islamabad said that Pakistan should not expect nuclear programme from the United States like India as there is no comparison between the two countries. He said Mr. Musharraf after two days of the visit of the US President himself said that Pakistan is not in competition with India.

Mian Raza Rabbani stressed to keep the record straight and said it is not the present government but the previous government of PML-(Q) who is responsible for taking turn around on the US-Indian nuclear deal.

He also referred various policy decisions of the previous government which it took under the guidance of President Pervez Musharraf including major shift on Kashmir policy, decisions post nine eleven and CBMs with India where the parliament was never taken into confidence while the present government after assuming charge took the parliament into confidence in its first session of the foreign policy.-SANA

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