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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Minister for Health orders a prompt health response

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ISLAMABAD: In the wake of recent floods in the country, the Federal Minister for Health Ms. Sherry Rehman has directed to activate the Health Emergency Response Cells of the four provinces, particularly that of the NWFP, to coordinate a timely and efficient response to the flash floods and torrential rains.

“The Ministry of Health is fully prepared to respond to the floods and we have already sent our mobile teams, and necessary medicines to deal with the post flood challenges,” said Ms Rehman. “We are vigorously pursuing a preventive strategy incorporating efforts for clean drinking water, vaccination and a comprehensive communication plan. In order to prevent the outbreak of water-related epidemic, the Ministry has dispatched over 10,000 water purification tablets and more could be provided to ensure their adequate supply in the flood-hit areas. As soon as the floods recede, we will initiate a vaccination exercise against measles, cholera, and meningitides. We have already formulated a communication strategy to augment our preventive efforts. We will be utilizing all channels of communication to inform and educate public about health-related challenges in the backdrop of the floods. The Lady Health Workers will also carry out the task of delivering door-to-door messages on preventive measures.”

Ms Rehman informed the Health Ministry has devised a strategy to enable the LHWs to make an effective contribution to the medical and emergency relief measures. These include organizing camps to provide medications and vaccinations, and extend preventive health services at doorsteps. The LHW Programme will also offer logistics support to the Executive District Offices while it would continue to work as the distribution channel for health interventions.”

The Federal Minister clarified that there is no immediate threat of floods, since the major rivers and reservoirs were maintaining their normal levels. “We are experiencing flash floods as heavy rains have caused inundation of some parts of the country. The Government is actively monitoring the situation in all four provinces, and the Health Ministry is working in close coordination with the provincial governments, the National Disaster Management Authority and the Emergency Relief Cell of the Cabinet Division, with the objective of supporting and augmenting their efforts.” -SANA

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