Pakistan blocks 8 Million unregistered Sims of Cell phones

ISLAMABAD: To combat terrorists, criminals, wrongdoers Pakistan blocked 8 million unregistered sims of cell phones. The decision was taken by the Interior Minister at the report of NADRA (National Database Regulatory Authority). At the same time the government issued strict instructions to mobile companies not to issue new sims without NADRA ID cards and without other relevant documents.

Initially without a proper issuance of unregistered sims to millions of unregistered consumers which according to Police went in wrong hands. Previous practice caused big headaches for consumers and authorities contributing to the slowdown in mobile growth and the SIM blocking has been implemented for about 8 million SIMs. The initiative taken by Senate’s Standing Committee on Interior to curb unregistered Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs) Card culture has resulted in blockage of eight million unidentified connections, said Senator Talha Mehmood, Chairman of the committee, here on Friday.

He said that the CEOs (of all the mobile companies) had informed him that their business was adversely affected by the action taken by the committee. The CEO’s also handed over the CDs of 8 million unregistered SIMs for verification, he added. The CDs had been handed over to law enforcing agencies, he further said.

Out of these 8 million unregistered SIMs, 1.2 million had been reissued after proper verification and documentation. Whereas, 0.8 million blocked SIMs were given a dead line of July 31 for verifications, he added. He said that in order to find the culprits behind the distribution of unregistered SIMs, special teams raided across the country.

Talha said that the mobile companies were given a time frame till July 31 to complete their work in this respect. “Afterwards, from August 1, we will launch a crackdown against them,” he warned. He said that after completing this task the committee would take action against the dilapidated condition of jails in the country.

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Azhar Masood

Azhar Masood is Controller of News in PTV, and Chief Instructor of PTV Academy, working for Arab News. He has Covered Iraq War from Baghdad for CNN, BBC, FOX News, and Al-Jazeera and other regional channels. He covered conflict in Bosnia Herzegovina. He interviewed Yasir Arafat of Palestine, Paul Wolfoweit, Prime Minister Jean Ghteyan of Canada, Dr. Amar Musa of Egypt, Mr. Haris Slajic, Prime Minister of Bosnia Dr. Akbar Ali Vallayati, former Foreign Minister of Iran, President Kumaratunge of Sri Lanka, Mr. Kumar Su Bramanyem, Director of National Defence Institute of India, Mr. Hamid Karzai President of Afghanistan, Dr. Ahmad Chalabi of Iraq National Congress, Mr. Hoshyar Zubari, Vice President Kurdish Democratic Party of Iraq


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