LA Country Sheriffs to visit Sindh along with expert team

Los Angeles Country Sheriffs will visit Sindh, Pakistan along with his expert team to discuss the issues like Bomb disposal, street crime and mobile lab tests in near future. According the the reporter Former IG Sindh Police Chief has requested to Pakistan American Sheriffs Council to help in the areas of bomb disposal, eradication of street crime, and on-site testing to reduce the ratio of crime in Karachi.

The chairman of the Advisory Council Mr. Lee Baca, the Sheriff Chief of Los Angeles country has accepted the invitation to visit Sindh with his team of experts in said fields. Mr. lee expressed that he is ready to help Pakistanis as much as he can. He added that he is really interested in visiting Pakistan thus he has met the concerned people in this regard. It is told that Council General is now planning a visit for them.

A delegation of Council of Pakistan American Chamber of Commerce from San Francisco comprising Mr. Khalid Ahmed, irfan Ali Khan and Ch. Sohail presented traditional Ajrak and sindhi Cap to the Chief. Mr. Lee denoted it as a good sign of friendship and announced he was Sindhi onwards.

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