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Kerry for military, economic assistance to Pakistan


WASHINGTON,: Former US Presidential candidate Senator John Kerry has said that sustaining military alliance with Pakistan is essential for success of US operations in Afghanistan. Talking to VOA he said the USA should also support Pakistan’s economy besides military assistance for countering militants along Pak-Afghan border.

John Kerry urged Pakistan to provide facilities to its people and improve political and economic situation in the country adding that Pak government should also focus on providing constitutional rights and education facilities to the people and it must improve its relation with the people in FATA.

Kerry stressed the need for further improving relations with Pakistan to fight Taliban along the Pak-Afghan border and proposed a coalition penal for this end. He also urged Pakistani politicians to set aside their personal grudges for success of US led military operations in Afghanistan.

He said the war against terrorism is basically a war of the future of Pakistani people and success in the war would be beneficial for the USA as well. He also urged the world for enhancing financial support for Afghanistan and urged the world for making Afghanis accountable for spending the money. “If we will not do this, we will never get success in this war,” he added. Since 2003, we provided 11 billion dollars aid to Pakistan but it was not utilized properly. He blamed Pakistani government for using US financial support for strengthening Pak-India border instead of expending fight against terrorism in Afghanistan.

He termed previous US financial support as insufficient and said now they have enhanced financial support three times so that the people could believe that Americans want betterment of common people instead of governments in the country. It is pertinent to mention that this week US Senate committee on foreign affairs passed a resolution in which they claimed of enhancing non-military aid to Pakistan. -SANA



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