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The gender discrimination in Jobs within Pakistan

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Male chauvinism and less democratic societies promote gender biases.

Along with Pakistan, gender bias is a thorn in the flesh of more or less every social system, in one or other way. It has been always realized that women has been exploited, whatever they do get the jobs or not. There problems remain same. There is a general perception that after getting job all the financial and social problems are solved , however this has been exactly opposite in case of women. When Men get jobs their problems are solved and when women get jobs their problems start.

In Pakistan there is social environment that never allows Pakistani women to come out and face the society bravely, women remain restricted to houses. There is small ratio of the working women in Pakistan, either they don’t prefer to work or they don’t have access to the opportunities. It was discovered in the region of Gujranwala a city of Punjab province that out of 25% allocated seats of women are vacant in said district. Same has been the case with rest of the country.

There is a serious need to ponder why these women do not want to work as to play a vital role in the country’s economic growth and why Pakistan’s half of the population is sitting sluggish in the homes. by chance i came across a thesis saying that women behind the men in houses have a role to play in GDP, there is need to researched the ways how to include their participation in GDP.

On asking from several Pakistani women who are serving in multi national companies and media conglomerations, Mrs. Fouzia Malik a sales agent of the NJI insurance company told me that women themselves are sacred of coming out of homes. She added that she has been divorced because she had a nature of job in which she supposed to interact with people, while her husband never wanted this kind of social mixing. She said, women need to cast away their fears to get an economic independence, and face the hindrances coming their ways in any shape. This is the only way to find equality and remove disparity.

Ms Bushra Suleman relationship Manger bank of Punjab seconded Mrs. Fouzia’s opinion that the hardships of working women are multiplied, they suppose to work double or some times triple to prove themselves as good workers at their workplaces. They have the apprehensions of sexual. “Families want us to produce babies and look after homes only, even if we reach to moon” she opined over the women’s hard work. She shared her experience that financial independence attracted her so she decided to work.

Miss Salma Naik executive head of an NGO Burgad was of the point that men do not respect working women and they face hardships in getting proposals for wedding, their families indirectly suffer. So women better avoid going for jobs. She reiterated that the family institutions should be made stronger so women could get support from their families to face the world. “Even then I am optimist as present generation of would impart better values within their children to make them constructive part of society” she expressed her wish.

Shaista Sardar Advocate Gujranwala Bar had thrown light on the changing values of Pakistani society saying tolerance level in middle class families has increased, further the limiting resources and stretched demands have compelled male members of family to motivate women to work, however she said the nature of the job is directly dependent upon the educational background of females. According to her 40% of females in middle class are performing minor to high profile jobs. She was also of the point that women on work must not forget their family values and behave as manned and cultured females not only to protect themselves but to societal norms. She reiterated that their good names could only bring scared women from their homes and convince them to play their roles in national exchequer. She is a product of similar Pakistani society with imparted very philosophy of it, so she could not refrain herself from saying that men do monopolize in one or other way.

Retired School Headmistress Ms Anisa Yasmeen held government rather than male folk, responsible for not promoting education among women, “the ratio of literacy is very low not only in women but in men also”, she said. She demanded government of Pakistan to provide equal opportunities to women along with men. She brought attention towards another important issue; by quoting several female MBBS doctors stay homes and leisure because male members of elite families or husbands never want them to go out of homes. She said these females not only give up their wishes in front of their families but also snatch the right of other deserving person. She described another reason why women do not want to go out of home wishfully could be that 75% males abhor working women and denote them as bad characters. She said that progressing nations like India has comprehended the female participation and encourage them t serve their nation. She gave another food for thought that developed countries have provided females equal opportunities while in Pakistan the case is contrary. “I am unwedded yet despite I am 54 years old” she held responsible the society as no one came forward towards her with intentions to marry her.

Ms Rukhsana telephone operator Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce & Industry diverted attention towards a naive idea, “male members who stop women from working have their complexes and do not want to see women going ahead of them, as family calls bad names” She said. She despite of having only Intermediate degree had composed thoughts; she said the environment has been made non-conducive for the females to work.

Ms Samina, PTC Teacher in Government Elementary Dogranwala School said there has not been any religious reservation for women to work. “Hazrat BB Khadeeja better half of Muhammad Mustafa (P.B.U.H) was business woman and had been revered as one of the leading business woman from Arabia before she embraced Islam, and kept on assisting her husband after marriage” she found a dichotomy in the people’s view who exploit the religion for their vested interests.

Pakistan has always been vulnerable and volatile country whenever its institutions are discussed, similarly democracy could never flourish in the lap of monarchism, dictatorship and military bureaucracy. Thus illegitimate and undemocratic rulers tried to find the shadow of feudalism to legitimize their rules and prolong power. Feudal want their masses to be unaware and uneducated to avoid any agitation, thus a culture of illiteracy finds to roots. With changing times Pakistan needs to realize the pace of globe and include women in the economic development of country.

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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  1. hello…


    miss rubab i have red ur article… good… but i have only one question..?? in a country like pakistan where there are not much opportunuty for man… how can we promote woman in job… ?.. there are thousands of educated man sitting at home because they r not getting job..so if we increase opportunity for woman its means indirectly we are destroying our socity balance…there are hundrads of females enroled every year in NED but you know why they are becoming engeenier just to get “good rishta” n most of them after engeeniering set at home so directly they creating problem for male and for thier future because they know for engeenier female it is tuff to work at feild… ” woman job means distroying social balance” first give us job so we can earn for our family than there should opportunity come for woman…

  2. i just read your article.im doing job in an elite organisation of pakistan.the major problem that i face is that if we blame any one for misbehaving us in our working field or using some abusive langusge ,in turn what get harm is women not male.we started suffering after complaining. mostly answers are ….” go and sit at home.why u r here? bahar niklo g to yeh sb to hoga” wt is all this ? i need to share some more but due to shortage of time im unable to do so. will contact u again.

  3. Mam! I have read your article and impressed with your work. Mam can u help me in getting some statistics of gender discrimination in a particular field where women are facing difficulties in getting jobs and if they get the job then they face lot of difficulties. In fact my brother in law has got some project in university and want to have some material on this topic. ” Gender Discrimination in Human Resource Management”


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