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Musharraf allows US forces to attack FATA: Gul

PALC to Negroponte: avoid action into Pak territory
ISLAMABAD: President Perez Musharraf has allowed US-led coalition to assail Pakistani tribal areas in hot pursuit of Taliban, said former ISI chief General (Retd) Hameed Gul. “Our rulers are agreed with the US and international agenda on Pakistan, that’s why they are not worried about border situation. It seems, who were the guardian of the fort, they have opened all the doors of the fort for the assailants” he said in an interview with VOG.

When asked about option with Pakistan if allied forces attack tribal areas, he replied, “I believe, if Pakistan decides to stand before US, the Washington will not be able to threaten Islamabad” Hameed Gul said that Washington could not tame Iraqis and Afghans, how they could attack Pakistan, which was much stronger as compare to them. To discharge themselves from the responsibility the politicians asked Pak army to carry out military operation in FATA despite the fact of that the issue was of political nature.

When asked army role if US-led forces attack tribal areas, he said, “ if America attacks Pakistani tribal areas, the army either take control of the government so that it could take political decisions or will scatter and nod not fight”. About the parliament he said that it is absolutely dummy parliament. “We are facing many problems, however, we will dominate the situation but we need national spirit to exploit our resources” he concluded.

While Pakistani-American Leadership Center, a leading advocacy group in Washington has urged the United States to respect Pakistan’s territorial integrity and completely prohibit any unilateral action into its territory. In an open letter to the US Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte, the organization urged Washington to strengthen capacity-building assistance for Pakistan to effectively curb militancy in the border region. They also urged greater coordination and intelligence sharing between the US, NATO forces, Afghan forces and Pakistani forces on the Afghan border.-SANA

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