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Kashmiri prisoner seeks President’s permission for suicide

SRINAGAR: A Kashmiri youth detained at Tihar jail has written a letter to President of India and sought her permission to commit suicide, claims Kashmir Watch. “I want to die. Kindly give me permission for suicide. This is my request to the President of India. Your government has failed to deliver justice to innocent Muslims,” reads a letter of a perturbed young Kashmiri, Muhammad Iqbal Jan, who is imprisoned in Tihar jail since 2006. Irritated over his prolonged detention on “fake charges” in Tihar jail, Jan writes he is fed up of life.

“Delhi Police abducted me on November 16, 2006, but my detention was falsely shown on November 27, 2005 through an arranged drama,” Jan, a resident of Sonarwani, Bandipora writes to president in a letter a copy of which is with Rising Kashmir. “Later I was sent to Tihar jail where I am presently imprisoned.” Jan was arrested by Delhi Police on November 16, 2006 on charges of acting as a conduit for militants. In the letter, Jan accuses Delhi Police of fabricating charges against him (Iqbal) to seek reward and promotions.

Delhi Police had claimed that Rs 5 lakh were recovered from Iqbal which he had to pass onto militants. However, Jan writes he went to New Delhi to clear the dues of the Delton Industries and Suraksha Pipes dealers in New Delhi from whom he used to purchase gas cylinders and pipes. He writes that the cash that was seized from him was the payment he owed to his dealers. Recounting his story in the Tihar jail, Jan writes he applied for bail in the court but was rejected.

“Afterwards, I also applied for speedy trial under section 309. It was rejected by the court,” he writes. “The justice system is not satisfactory. The judge is supporting the prosecution, but is also giving trial dates after long intervals.” Claiming he has full proof of his innocence, Jan writes he is ready to face investigations from Centre Bureau of Investigations (CBI) for that matter.

Referring to the sufferings of his family due to his arrest, he writes that the condition of his family is very weak. “We have no source of income since I am the lone earning hand. I am the only son,” he writes. “We also have to pay debts to J&K bank. I am really frustrated over this.” He writes to the President that Delhi police is falsely implicating Muslims in different cases. “One reason I am not released is that Delhi Police knows I will expose them. That is why they do not allow court proceedings,” Jan writes. “I challenge them to prove that I am a militant.”-SANA


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