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JI for early impeachment of President

ISLAMABAD: Jamaat-e-Islami Naib Amir and APDM leader Liaquat Baloch has demanded of the ruling coalition to immediately call meeting of the parliament for conclusion of impeachment of the President. Addressing a gathering of lawyers and political activists here in front of Parliament Lodges he said on Thursday that the people expect from the government, adding “We have to ride of the government if it don’t satisfy the people.”

He vowed that they would support lawyers’ movement and will never sabotage it. On national security he said that the country is facing several challenges as India is plotting against Pakistan via Afghanistan. “We have to bust all the plots against our country,” he said. The APDM leader said that the government has wasted 100 days and now the PML-N should clearly decide to be with opposition or the government. Asif Ali Zardari is under pressure due to NRO, he said. Liaquat Baloch said future frame work will be decided in the next summit meeting of APDM that would be held on July 28.-SANA

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