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Captive Audience

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Writen by: Brig (Retd) M.M.MAHMUD
General (R) Parvez Musharraf, your inner-self, through a misplaced belief of self claimed accomplishments, seems to urge you on and off to speak out your mind. The act seems honourable. But it betrays lack of courage, as the audience you choose to speak is a captive, hand picked, bunch of selected luminaries of different background and interests. They are picked together by your cronies to dutifully listen to your diatribe. They are not there to question you or seek any clarifications from you, on the most serious issues and challenges that stare directly at our face due to your ill acted intervention of nearly nine years.

This Nation has every right and claim to ascertain, as to how much of the ills that besiege this country, are attributable directly to your misgoverance of the country. Equally, it is incumbent, that we must know as to who all others share the blame of wrecking this country to this current abysmal gory passé. You keep expounding your claims of the great deeds that you have accomplished. In all fairness, you must be given an equal opportunity .to exclaim and trumpet your lofty contributions made in the service of this country.

This game of blames and counter-claims can go no endlessly. The Nation has given its verdict on 18 Feb 2008.You still seem to be struggling to prove through a jugglery of figures, that you have not been rejected by the people. The only honorable and gentlemanly way is to either resolve it through open public debate or through a referendum. The word referendum has been debased in the past to such an extent, that the mere mention of it brings all nostalgic nuances.

If you hold sincere patriotic beliefs, are committed to the oath that you took before climbing up the steps on your graduation, are honest in your oft repeated rendition of Pakistan first and foremost, and above all are loyal to this country, then accept an open public debate. Choose to come yourself or else accompanied by your own team, to face your distracters. The choice is yours. But select an open, neutral and a public forum, to debate all these important issues, challenges and tribulations that face this Nation to-day.

You have roared at full throttle only before you’re tame and captive audience. You have your hand picked Mr. Mustafa Kamal, who while addressing you, keeps showering all, praises on himself. He claims that he has achieved more in the last 2-3 years than what has been done in the last 60 years. Should not these lofty and rhetoric claims and prouncements be verified by a team of independent and professional experts! Should it not be determined as to what colossal amounts of funds were placed at his disposal? Whether these funds were prudently spent or not? Were any amounts siphoned off or not for other purposes? The facilities so created were they of right specifications or were they on the pattern of the fiasco of Sher Shah over head flyover! It must also be determined as to how much reliefs it provided to the already crushed and the poor common man or did it serve the interest of the white colored elite only! The answer to all these questions can alone determine the veracity of all these tall and lofty claims. The most objectionable part was his allusions to the geographic changes in Pakistan. Was he referring to any conspiracy theories brewing, of which he is a privy, or was it a veiled threat?

You followed these assertions with your own egocentric and megalomaniac harangue. At Davos, you called your senior and most honorable ex-servicemen colleagues as useless Generals. You also described as having kicked them out of service. What language and travesty of truth? It is not an act becoming of an officer, if you call yourself one! You say that these ex-servicemen are violating all codes of military norms and ethics; They are accused of violating the Officials Secret Act. You transcend all bounds of behavior and acts becoming of an officer, violate all rules and laws as laid down in the constitution and The Manuals of Pakistan Military Law and still have the audacity of pointing accusing fingers at others…

At your address to the mutual complimentary society at Karachi, you crossed all bounds of behavior expected of any honorable man. It seems that you have lost the sense to understand the meanings of the very words that you uttered. We have lived up to those moral and ethical values, while both in service and even after retirement. It is you who need to prove yourself. You must learn to match your words with your deeds…

In your professional career, you claim that you fought in both the wars and were a part of elitist. Group of Commandos. It means nothing. It was a part of our selfless, devoted and totally committed cause, when we volunteered to join the Army. We did no favor to any one. There is nothing in it for you to gloat about. What you need to illustrate and compare is, as to how and where did you perform your duties and how did you distinguish yourself over the other comrades in arm.

You have equally endless claims of your remarkable contributions in the domain of Foreign Policy, Economic Prosperity ushered in, Law and Order provided and the booming Agricultural Growth All these cannot be left to your idiosyncratic plaudits, being profusely showered upon yourself by you yourself and your cronies. What matters is, that they must pass the test of approval of the overwhelming, vast hapless and sincerely hoping populace of the country.

Out of fear, like a pigeon, you close your eyes, seeking refuge in the safe haven of the ARMY House and show your courage by briefly sticking your head out of your Havelock, in the presence of a small, tame and trustworthy audience and claim loudly that you are not afraid!

Do not act like Nero, playing the fiddle while Rome was burning. To come to grapple with the challenges facing you, the only honorable course open to you is to offer yourself for accountability. Be it in the form of an open public debate or an independent Judicial Commission.

Above all a good soldier never brags about himself. He leaves it to be judged by the contemporary history. The success or otherwise is determined by what remains after you depart. Army is an institution. It is not your fiefdom. It is a mutually respecting comradeship. We all have been a part of it. In fact it was in a period when it was respected by all and sundry. What special claims you have to demand that they will support you, even if the national interest calls for otherwise?

It is equally questionable, that you use this sojourn in the Army House, to continue to conduct yourself in your own left footed ways. It cannot be the place to continue your intrigues and dirty politics. Remember the idiom! You can fool some people all the times, you can fool all the people for some time, but you cannot fool all the people for all the times.

Pakistan Times is pleased to give place to this article sent by Brig Abdussalam Akhtar;
Media Coordinator Ex Servicemen on behalf of Brig (Retd) M.M.MAHMUD (brigmahmud@hotmail.com)

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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