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PIA increases fares

KARACHI: The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has increased fares on its international flights and for Umrahs. PIA and other airlines have increased fares for their international routes and Umrahs due to rapidly increasing prices of oil. According to the revised rates the PIA’s two-way fares for London will be Rs 58,770, for New York Rs 97,800, for Dubai Rs 25,300 and for Canada Rs 98,500.The PIA fare for the Umrah has been fixed at Rs 53,800. Similarly, Saudi Airline has also increased its fare for the Umrah to Rs 57,500. Besides, other airlines including Emirates Airlines and Thai Airlines have also increased their fares for international flights.


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Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times

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  • about 20 years ago, my experience of travelling to Delhi by PIA was so horrifying and humiliating that I had decided never again to fly anywhere by PIA. The PIA staff at Delhi Airport harassed and humiliated many passengers, including me and my wife.
    Twenty years later we had no option other than flying to Delhi by PIA because no airline other than PIA operated from Karachi to Delhi. I was very apprehensive, though the agent assured me that during the two decades the PiA had improved considerably.
    On our return flight from Delhi to Karachi, I and my wife were humiliated and harassed the same was we had been 2o years ago.