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OGRA notifies increase in gas tariff

Increase in petroleum, gas prices challenged in court
ISLAMABAD: Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) Tuesday issued notification of the increase in gas tariff. According to the notification, the prices of gas have been raised by 31 to 121 percent for the domestic users consuming more than 200 cubic meters of gas. OGRA increased the domestic users’ categories from 5 to 7. First three categories are exempted from the rise in gas tariff while the fourth and fifth categories will pay 31 percent more on gas usage. The rates have been increased by 120 per cent on the last two luxury categories.

The gas rates have been increased by 31 percent for commercial consumers. Rates for Tandoors have been reduced to fit them into domestic categories. CNG stations will pay 33 percent higher rates. While The increase in prices and tariffs of gas and petroleum products has been challenged in Islamabad High Court (IHC). The petition against increase in the prices was submitted on Tuesday by the Pakistan People’s Movement. Mehmood Advocate and Muhammad Ali Advocate filed the case on behalf of Chairman of the movement.

PML-N Quid Nawaz Sharif and PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari, Petroleum Ministry, Food Ministry and OGRA were made party in the petition, which says that high price hike was noted during the first three months of the present regime and 539 people committed suicide due to unbearable inflation. The petitioner has adopted the stance in the present situation it has become difficult to keep body and soul together, let alone the slogan of food, cloth and shelter. In view of the present situation the increase in the prices should be reviewed, the petition concludes. Notification to the concerned parties is expected to be issued today.

The government decided on Tuesday to scrap the policy of reviewing prices of petroleum Products after 15 days. Now the POL prices will be reviewed at any time, said Acting Federal Minister for Oil and Gas Shah Mehmood Qureshi.-SANA

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