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New strategy against terror effective: Haqqani

WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Hussain Haqqani has said the elected government’s new plan to curb extremist violence will has both legitimacy and effectiveness. In an interview with The Washington Times, he said the actions like the one in Khyber Agency are part of the new multifaceted approach. He also underlined the need for US-led NATO allies and Afghan forces to complement Pakistan’s anti-terrorism efforts with deployment of more troops on their side of the rugged border.

He said the leadership of new elected government view that the security of Afghanistan and Pakistan are interconnected. He said we have to do it together as Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States are partners in the war against terrorism. Commenting on aspects of US policy towards Pakistan after 9/11 attacks, Hussain Haqqani said there has been a complete failure of American public diplomacy in Pakistan and the Muslim world to define the objectives of the global war on terror.-SANA

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