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Korea opens hospital in Afghanistan

KABUL: The Foreign Ministry said has (June 30) that Korea opened a hospital in Afghanistan to care for local residents as part of its civilian-led efforts to continue contributions to the war-ravaged country. Korea withdrew about 50 medics of the Dongui unit and 150 engineers of the Dasan unit from Afghanistan late last year, but has taken part in the Provincial Reconstruction Team to continue efforts to help stabilize the central Asian nation.

Currently, more than 20 medical staff and administrative workers, mostly civilians, have been dispatched to Afghanistan, according to the ministry spokesman Moon Tae-young. They took over the facilities used by the Dongui unit at a U.S. military base in Bagram, 80km north of Kabul, and prepared for the reopening of the hospital. The newly opened Korean hospital plans to provide medical services to about 40,000 people a year–150-200 people per day–as well as help train local medical staff, according to the ministry spokesman.-SANA

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