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Qazi demands to end alliance with US


PESHAWAR: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Amir, Qazi Hussain Ahmad has said that Peshawar was under no threat from Taliban instead the government was blowing it up for no reason so that the ground for foreign attacks in tribal areas could be created. Addressing a press conference here on Monday , Qazi Hussain Ahmad said the Prime Minister and the Interior minister’s claim of ‘Peshawar being occupied’ was incorrect and added that these statements aimed at fueling worries. “Taliban have no ability to capture Peshawar but real danger is the presence of foreign forces in Afghanistan” he added.

He said that it was US policy to get the Army and the tribesmen to fight each other and efforts were being made to bring the people of Pakistan and the Army at cross. “The US not friend of Pakistan neither it has good feeling for us but it against our nuclear programme” Qazi said. The JI Amir demanded to reform internal polices and end alliance with the US and save the country from price hike flood.

Qazi declared that Taliban were not the threat for the country. He said that the law and order in the country was highly worrisome, while the escalating prices were back breaking for the people, which was the eloquent proof of government’s ineptness. He demanded ending Bara operation and urged for strengthening ties with Iran and China instead of US. He said that he was once again trying to re-organize the alliance of the religious parties.-SANA



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