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Saturday, July 24, 2021

India accused of conspiring to convert Muslims into minority

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BIRMINGHAM: President Tehreek –e-Kashmir UK, Mohammad Ghalib has accused Indian government of conspiring to convert the Kashmiri Muslim into minority and disturb the Hindu- Muslim communal harmony in the valley. Commenting on the transfer of huge piece of land to Amarnath Shrine Board in district Islamabad of Occupied Kashmir by Indian government, he said move was aimed at to pit Muslims against Hindus for paving the way for Hindu-Muslim riots in the valley.

He said Hindu devotees have been visiting the Amarnath Shrine for centuries and Kashmiri Muslims never created any problem for them. Now Indian government has awarded thousands of Kanal land to the management of Hindu Shrine with well thought out conspiracy to settle non –state subject Hindus in Kashmir.

He said Indian government’s move sparked severe protest across the Kashmir valley and the government out of sheer nervousness was using force against the protesters and political leadership. He said use of force against the political leaders and peaceful people had aggravated the already deteriorated situation in Kashmir Valley.

He said it was not first attempt on the part of India to create communal hatred between Hindu and Muslim Community. Earlier in 1990 India persuaded the Hindu pundits to migrate from Kashmir Valley in a bid to give Kashmir freedom movement a communal colour and gain sympathies of the world but it failed in its nefarious designs.-SANA

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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  1. Hi Rubab,

    Every society and religion have a certain proportion of hypocrites with in them, to a certain degree, however unmatched with Islaam and mushlims. Right from the word go, i.e from Mohammad ( creator of Islaam ) who had used violance to convert people to Islaam, to any Tom, Dick, Harry Muslim who is still using fear tactics where ever they can to terrorise people and convert them. Study the Mughal era of India, and you will find answers.

    Come on !! why are you people hell bent on preparing the destruction of this otherwise beautiful world. Every one knows you people can not live with others, so why don;t you just stay in the your perfect world you already have been given.

    India has already been divided in so many pieces — pakistan, bangladesh and India herself, and now you are after Kashmir. And I am sure you won’t be satisfied with that also. Because you people won’t stop breeding babies like rabbits ever. So one after another, the population in the given region is going to rise, and so would be your demand of separation. Sick.

    Wake up before it’s too late. Don’t destroy this beautiful Planet. Remember humans came much before the religions.


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