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Are Balochis still fighting for their rights?

Balochs had reservations regarding 73 constitutions: Analyst
Why Pakistan not accept Balochs’ rights, asks Mengal

Analyst Professor Munir Kakar has said that leadership in Balochistan had serious reservations regarding 1973 constitution and Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri had not signed documents of the constitution. In an interview with VOA he said that in the 1973 constitution it was said that the concurrent list would be transferred to the provinces in the next 10 years. But the constitutional decision, which is taken once in centuries, was not implemented, he added. Kakar said similarly the NFC award was not dealt and so feeling of the deprivation in the province has been deepening. “I think enough is enough; Zardari only sought apologies but did nothing practically. The federal government should now negotiate the provincial autonomy for the sake of stability in the country,” he said. Responding to a question he said that Balochistan has become a land of contrast as its resources are abundant but the province is the most backward one as far as its economy is concerned. Area wise Balochistan is the largest province but the smallest with respect of population and poverty is very high there, Munir Kakar said. The analyst said that the province always remained destabilize and development never become possible there.

While Baloch nationalist leader Sardar Akhtar Mengal says, “Why doesn’t Pakistan accept Balochs’ right of self determination if it talks about self determination of the Kashmiris as Balochistan was never part of the sub-continent. Talking to VOA he said that issues have gone far beyond the provincial autonomy. He said that concurrent list was to be transferred to the provinces in 1983, 10 years after it was incorporated in the 1973 constitution. But that was not transferred till date and therefore the provinces are not responsible for what is happening in Balochistan, rather, the center is responsible. Mengal said that Bengalis were more patriots than any of the Pakistanis and Balochs never instigate them for separatism. “This establishment and a major province are responsible for making Bengal as Bangladesh, the same is the case with the Balochs,” he said.

Akhtar Mengal said that they always tried to be in mainstream politics, but they were usually dubbed as traitors. “We went even to the parliament where we were not allowed even to offer Fatiha for our elders and Nawab Akbar Bugt, who was once governor and then chief minister. So we resigned,” the nationalist leader said. He said that situation in the province has not improved with coming of the new government as all understand that government remains powerless and real power always lie in hand of the establishment. “Missing persons are still missing and their number has increased, military operation is going on, Baloch political activists are still behind the bars no change has been witnessed during the present regime as they are powerless in this regard and that we understand,” he concluded.

Mengal said that they want to come to negotiating table adding but how is it possible if the status quo is maintained, no politician can opt for talks in this situation. However, responding to the statement of Akhtar Mengal the analyst Professor Munir Ahmad Kakar said that people of Balochistan would decide the issues. Kakar said that at present nationalists leaders are out of politics and the issues could be resolved only when they would be brought to mainstream politics. He said that Akhtar Mengal has his own stance and certain people follow him. He said that provincial autonomy could resolve all the issues of the province. “And the destabilization in Balochistan stem from the fact that its leadership was never allowed to participate in the decision making process, provincial autonomy is the core issue of the province,” Kakar concluded.-SANA

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