Shame on all Governments who made Pakistan; Problemistan

Editors Note: While editing this article , i was convinced to think how common are the problems of all Pakistanis and how shameless our government is to remain silent on the sufferings of common people. I was editing and thinking that my problems are almost same as this young boy has, he spoke out the language of a common Pakistani; all Pakistanis are requested to appreciate him.
Pakistan is a country where different classes segregated on basis of their wealth live, though mainly a clear line can be seen between poor and rich but in recent past only two classes emerge ; Of course Very Poor and Very Rich.. I salute my country… my beloved country Pakistan that has accommodated every type of people.. I thought to segregate people of Pakistan according to my thoughts.. so I did.. here are two classes Innocent and Cruel. Now to define I apply a simple formula.. Cruel are those who can not see Pakistan Prosperous and developing.. simply THE GOVERNMENT on other hand Pakistani innocent people who want a peaceful and prosperous country in which justice should be practiced. They want to earn their livelihoods and have learnt to live happily with what they have (limited sources) but at least acquire opportunities and access to those opportunities. But Government does not provided access or even opportunities rather remain busy in its own gains and political interests.

The level of inflation and price hike has disturbed the life of every single Pakistani but not those who have positions, money and status.. They are just squeezing the blood of poor from their veins. The prices of necessary goods have skyrocketed that poor are not able to spend their lives peacefully. The rate of this inflation is very high as compared with past years. Wheat, sugar, milk, ghee, oil, petrol, vegetables and fruit and all edibles are that are important part of our life are out of reach of common man. Government is not paying attention to the price hike situation and common men are being grinded in the inflation machine. I don’t have any problem in saying that government imprudent policies are responsible for this current situation.

Another sad aspect is: Government imposes high taxes on these essential goods to make them out of reach of common man who earns bread and butter for his family and spends his life hand to mouth. Government forgets before imposing these taxes that their salaries are real hard to bear those high class luxurious sales and income taxes. A common salaried person who has a limited source income cannot afford this situation. I do relate these poverty situations with rising ratio of suicide attacks day by day.

Government should equally raise the salaries of Government employees so they could put up with the price hike; the recent 20% increase in budget is mere and will be gone in paying additional prices of imported food items.. what an irony that an agricultural country is importing wheat and other stuff and ratio is hitting alarming levels..

Government is sucking the blood of a common man, and still making noises that exchequer is not sufficient to subsidized electricity.. And economy is becoming more and more debt ridden.. We are not earning for ourselves but to pay debt. This is the corruption of the past governments who have compelled us to reach here.

However we Pakistanis are hopeful that we are the treasure of Pakistan, and no one can steal us and our thoughts.. we will keep on raising voices against the brutalities of government.. shame on those who are responsible for all problems n Pakistan and made it image real bad all around the world.

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