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JKLL condemns use of brute force on protesters by Indian troops

LONDON: Use of force by the state police on protesters in Srinagar is a heinous act of brutality by the Indian and the State government authorities. .Use of force against Mr Ali Geelani and house arrest of Mr Shabbir Ahmed Shah, Nayeem Khan and other Kashmiri political leaders is a condemnable act. The actual face of Indian democracy can be seen from the recent incidents in Srinagar this was stated by Dr Misfar Hassan Secretary General Jammu Kashmir Liberation League in a press statement.

He further said that on one hand Indian authorities and the present government is trying to portray the people of Kashmir as terrorists but in actual practice it is trying to fulfil its nefarious designs of disrupting the population balance in the state of Jammu Kashmir by allocating the land to Indian authorities and Kashmiris living all over the globe condemn these actions.

He said that the people of Kashmir have shown to the world that they would not give up their right s through a sheer use of force Indian authorities have experienced in the past twenty years that people of Kashmir are not afraid of sacrificing any and every thing for their freedom and right of self determination yet they have not learned any lessons from the recent past experience.

He said the decision of the Indian government to transfer the forest land to SASB is actually a wish of the said government to test the resilience of the people of Kashmir if they have got the energies to defend their rights. Paying tributes to the political activists and the youth of Srinagar he said that the incident has sent a serious message to the Indian authorities that the people of Kashmir would not allow the usurpers to take over their owner ship rights within the State.

He said that the recent incident is again a real and clear example of the hypocrisy of the Indian rulers on one hand they project themselves as willing to restore political system in the State while actually they are trying to convert a majority into a minority through unlawful use of force. He said that the Kashmiris living in the UK would use every possible political means to raise this issue in the international media and the British political leaders. He said a meeting of various political groups in the UK would soon be convened to take joint stand against the Indian designs against the peace loving people of Kashmir.-SANA

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