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A pond adjencent to shrine of Baba Peer Shah Matiya Macha Wali Sarkar

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It was surprising to note that there is a shrine in Gakhar, Gujranwala where a pond is situated besides it. people bring water from a well near to that shrine and throw in in the pound to fill it. it is believed by the local dwellers of people that this water has charismatic potentials for the the patients of allergies etc and bathing in this water help them in treating the skin diseases.

One of the dweller told about this pond that it is one of charisma of Baba Peer Shah Matiya Macha Wali Sarkar and his shrine in Chak Snatha near Gakhar, Gujranwala. People have myth regarding this pond and Baba peer that he was blessed with treating allergies.

People bath in the pound of Baba peer Shah as the “Manat”.. It is different kind of worship people do usually in Hinduism.. where they believe bathing in Ganga and other rivers and streams will purify them from their wrong deeds.

Picture By Sarmad Nayak

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Sarmad Nayakhttp://www.pak-times.com
Sarmad Nayak is a professional Photographer; his photographs have been appreciated nation wide. Besides Photography he has an NGO named PUNCHAYAT working for the community development in Rahwalai Cantonment; Gujranwala
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