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Musharraf’s resignation, judiciary to be decided by Pakistani: Rice


WASHINGTON: The US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said Washington believes that the issue of judiciary and Musharraf’s resignation are for Pakistanis to decide. In an interview on Monday Rice acknowledged that an independent judiciary is important to democracy but said it is best that the issue of judiciary is worked out between Pakistanis.

“We have always believed that after the elections this issue of judiciary will be worked out in course between Pakistanis and it is best that this be worked out between Pakistanis,” she said. She stated the United States has worked with President Pervez Musharraf and credited him with bringing the civilian rule back to the country and putting Pakistan on a different course.

Replying to another question, Rice said the imposition of the state of emergency in November 2007 was a mistake and added President Musharraf made a number of mistakes. Asked if President Musharraf should resign now, Rice said this is a Pakistani matter.

“This is clearly a Pakistani matter, he is the president of Pakistan and we will treat him as the president of Pakistan”. The US secretary reiterated her country’s support to the new Pakistan government and assured to continue to extend cooperation to it. She also appreciated Pakistan’s role in the fight against terrorism.-SANA



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