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Afghanistan threats to attack Pakistan

Threatening to operate inside Pakistan irrational: US
WASHINGTON: United States of America has termed warning of Afghanistan to chase militants inside Pakistan as irrational. In an interview the US Secretary of State said that both Pakistan and Afghanistan should tackle problems in their respective areas. Rice said that the two countries should cooperate for tackling terrorists in the bordering areas. She said talking about entering to Pakistani areas is irrational.

In this regard interesting to note that Quoting a US report a British based newspaper, The Observer, has claimed that Frontier Corps of Pak Army are involving in attacks against US and NATO forces along with Taliban in Afghanistan. According to the report US classified revealed that FC is directly involving in attacking Afghan national Army and NATO near Pak-Afghan border. A US official says that NATO is aware of the Pakistani forces help to Taliban and on many occasion the FC support with the militants was witnessed.However, Pakistan military officials reject the claim saying it is based on baseless information.

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