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Musharraf to stop Western propeganda about Pakistani Nukes


Aahaa a statement coming from the mouth of President Pervez Musharraf who has urged the Western media to stop malicious propaganda against Pakistan’s peaceful nuclear program. He said this during an important meeting with Director General of Pakistan’s strategic Planning Division (SPD), Lt-Gen (retired) Khalid Qidwai here. Amazing, how Pakistanis should take this statement when Pakistani nukes are the target for West to exploit Pakistani rulers. What if masses of Pakistan are made fools again and President has finagled to gain some of the public favors becuase in pakistan he has become so unpopular and disliked president in the history.

I always wondered why West is targeting the Pakistani nukes? is it because pakistan is a Muslim country? Is it because it can be a danger to America and Israel, which is why the West dubs it as an “Islamic bomb”, other than pakistan no other country carry religious tag. I still cant smell the scam behind Musharraf while try to contextualize his status in current scenario, but still can devoid myself from giving devil his due cause Pakistanis, or their government, have been too timid, or naive, or incompetent to swallow all kinds of Western accusations and Musharraf statement brings what kind of mood in west would really be interesting to note.

I always wondered US has the dichotomy in its treatment towards three countries – Pakistan, India and Israel? and even being in the same status of signing the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT). US the biggest nuke maker, nuke owner and killers of thousands of innocent Japanese by nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Musharraf statement and its timing are important anyhow.. and a snub to western media points out that Musharraf has lost his important and throwing bullets from his den. The President said there would be no compromise over Pakistan’s nuclear capability and minimum deterrence would be maintained. President said that country’s indigenous nuclear program was in safekeeping. He added that national missile program would be further strengthened. How Pakistani nukes are harmful to any of the country in the world, i also believe it is only media that is trying to set an anti Pakistan mood and also on pretext of terrorism and extremism want to snatch pakistan’s Nuke.



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