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Bosnia to Send More Troops to Afghanistan

SARAJEVO: Bosnia-Herzegovina is to send more troops to Iraq this summer and would consider sending senior officers to join NATO troops in Afghanistan next year, Bosnian defense officials said in Sarajevo. Bosnia’s Army Commander General Sifet Podzic told reporters that the army would send 49 soldiers from its 6th Infantry Division to Iraq this August. Another unit of 36 troops specialized in mine-removal activities have already been deployed to the Diwaniyah area in southern Iraq.

‘The unit of 49 soldiers will be deployed in Baghdad to provide security in the US Military Camp Victory,’ said Podzic. Apart from involvement in a peacekeeping mission in Iraq since 2005, Bosnian soldiers may soon join NATO troops in Afghanistan. Deputy Defense Minister Marina Pendes confirmed that officials have been considering plans to send some senior military officers to Afghanistan in 2009. According to general Podzic, the army plans to send five to 10 officers to Afghanistan next year as an advanced mission.

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