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Political dynasties and imported PMs brings economy to the brink

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Islamabad: Pakistan Economy Watch has said that Pakistan is unstable politically and economically even after decades of experimentation and now we are being ruled by a coalition that is poles apart in their thinking pattern with questionable vision about market and economy. Political families, aspiring generals, imported Prime Ministers and some bureaucrats have ruled mostly in Pakistan and many of them are directly responsible for the political and economic chaos, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President Pakistan Economy Watch in a statement issued here Friday.

Major economic decision are taken on political considerations and the recent budget is a obvious example how our leaders prefer their agenda on national interests. “We need a new brand of middleclass leadership with a single-minded focus on national development who must be educated or at least well aware in the science of economics,” said Mughal.

He said that our politics in unfortunately revolving around few powerful families who would never allow middle or lower-middle-class politicians to emerge as a threat to their political domination. That is why education is one of the most disliked subjects in the areas lying in the control of feudal lords. “We have the right type of talented and dedicated potential leaders, but the platforms are lacking. The political parties are shy in announcing internal reforms that has resulted in political dictatorship in almost all the major and provincial parties with some exceptions,” he added.

Some sections of masses are to be blamed as their hero-worshiping tendencies has ensured sequence of powerful leaders in the same families. Admiring legendary leaders is a positive inclination but their replacements should be gauged on their own qualities. The political and religious parties are being run on the nomination; a son or a daughter is nominated as the party head after his or her father’s or mother’s death or retirement.

A number of leaders were legendary but later political mantle is inherited; solely by virtue of birth. Most of such successors have done nothing for Pakistan except continuation of status quo. They just agree on cheating masses, rule one after another and forgiving each other’s crimes and corruption which is said to be to the tune of billions of dollars.

These politicians have no interest in making life of common man less difficult by introducing true economic reforms but only push authoritarian hierarchical government, said Dr. Mughal. Some members of these families and military Generals are believed to be hand in glove with the 40 richest families of Pakistan who are sitting on resources of Pakistan and accumulating more wealth on the cost of masses.

The rulers especially imported Prime Ministers have frequently been blamed for framing policies to make them richer and defending their interests which clashes with the interest of masses. These elements have deprived commoners at large and have formed policies that suit their masters in west. The situation will remain same until masses starts accountability of their leaders and elects a brand new leadership to change the system.

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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