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Pakistan enjoys cordial ties with Yemen: PM


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that Pakistan and Yemen are bound by ties of history, common faith and shared perceptions on all important international matters and called upon the need to translate the existing political goodwill between the two countries into tangible cooperation in all fields particularly education, commerce and textile industry. The Prime Minister said this while talking to Mr. Abdul Elah Mohamed Hajar, Ambassador of Yemen in Pakistan who paid him a farewell call at the PM’s House on Friday.

The Prime Minister said the two countries have signed MoUs and agreements covering almost every field and what is lacking is their implementation and follow-up action. He said the Joint Ministerial Commission should also meet regularly to consolidate cooperation between the two countries. The Prime Minister said that steps are required to be taken for increasing cooperation with Yemen in the textile and education sectors. He said Yemen is a cotton growing country and the Textile ministry would be asked to send a delegation for extending cooperation in this sector.

The Prime Minister said both Yemen and Pakistan should work together to dispel the negative image of Islam being projected in the western media. He said Islam is a faith which teaches peace, tolerance and inter-faith harmony. The Prime Minister said the new government is facing numerous challenges including terrorism and extremism. He said PPP has lost its great leader Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed. He expressed government’s strong resolve to address these issues with the support of the people.

The Prime Minister said the government is conscious of the fact that stability is necessary for economic growth that is why priority is being given to improving law and order in the country. The Ambassador told the Prime Minister that he is finishing is four-year tenure in Pakistan with pleasant and joyful memories. The Ambassador said that Pakistan is an important country of OIC and its contribution towards world peace is commendable. He said Pakistan, with its variety of cultures, a high standard of education and technically trained manpower is a leading country of the Muslim world.

He said the people of Yemen admire Pakistan’s transition to democracy as well as the way the new government is trying to solve the problems by taking all stakeholders along with it. Senator Sardar Muhammad Latif Khan Khosa also attended the meeting. Talking to Ambassador of Yemen in Pakistan, Abdul Elahi Muhammad Hajar, the Prime Minister stressed the need for translating the existing political goodwill between Pakistan and Yemen into tangible cooperation in all fields. SANA



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