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Handling situation in tribal areas Pakistan’s right: Rice

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WASHINGTON: Acknowledging Pakistan’s sovereign right to handle the situation created by extremists in the Tribal Areas, the US has pledged to work with Pakistan to develop a positive agenda for the development of the region. This was stated by the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Washington. She said that they have common objective and terrorists are threat to Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Washington is working with the new government to develop a positive agenda for development of the country backward areas along its Afghan border. “We were strong advocates for a democratic election in Pakistan, and we’re working with this new civilian government. It’s a step forward for Pakistan.“It is obviously the sovereign state of Pakistan’s right to handle the situation, but we’ve made very clear that we are concerned that any deal with the region would be very clear that terrorists cannot be harbored, terrorists cannot operate with impunity,” she stated at the Heritage Foundation, a think tank, on Tuesday afternoon.

The US diplomat recognized the fact that the people rejected extremist forces when allowed to vote but added terrorists must be eliminated from the area. “We’re trying to develop with the government a positive agenda for that region. And we have to remember that region wasn’t governed for years and years and years. And so the positive agenda is to work in this very poor region with aid projects and with ways to give the people a better choice.

After all, in some of the toughest areas, when allowed to vote, they did not vote for extremist parties, so there’s something there to work with.” The United States, Rice reiterated, is “prepared to help with a better life for the population and we’re prepared to help in helping them to get the means to deal with this area.” -SANA

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