Govt foils terrorist plot

ISLAMABAD: Foiling the terror plot the government has arrested three suicide bombers among nine terrorists besides seizing three vehicles laden with explosives. Government has claimed of foiling terror plot after arrest of six people including three suicide bombers from Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Advisor to Interior Ministry Rehman Malik while talking to media outside Parliament House said that red alert had been declared in Rawalpindi and Islamabad on Thursday during which three vehicles loaded with explosives were seized and three suicide bombers were also arrested. He said that six accomplices of suicide bombers were also arrested and investigations are underway.

Meanwhile, sources informed that three vehicles loaded explosive material have been seized from Dhoke Kala Khan Area of the Rawalpindi and four suspicious persons have been arrested. About 1100 Kg explosive material was found in the three vehicles, however, explosive material has been defused, the sources said. The held suspicious persons have been shifted to unknown location for the interrogation, the sources said. They also revealed that the held suspicious persons have made important disclosures.

The held suspicious persons have confessed that the vehicles loaded with explosive material were set to explode, the sources said. One vehicle was set to explode at presidential camp, the other at Musharraf House and a guest house portion was planned to be blown up by blowing up the third vehicle, the sources claimed.-SANA

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