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Govt to construct 314 small dams

The government will construct three hundred fourteen small dams all across the country over a period of four years. According to Public Sector Development Programme of those twenty-three small dams would be constructed in NWFP, forty-three in Punjab, twenty-three in Sindh two hundred fifteen in Balochistan and ten in Federal Areas. The programme will cost fifty-four billion rupees out of which ten billion rupees have been proposed to be allocated in PSDP 2008-09. The main purpose of constructing such dams is to help reduce water shortage and contribute to power generation.

Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission Salman Farooqi has said no major hydro power project was initiated after Mangla and Tarbela dame except Ghazi Barotha project. In an interview he advised the government to initiate hydro power production projects on Run of the River. He said, “This would be a wonderful location for the project.”

On the problem of load shedding he said more water will be available by the end of this year from Mangla Dam and constructive work was in progress on the project. He realized that power is not only the basic requirement for industrial growth but also essential for agricultural output. He said that Mangla dam project will increase wheat production in the next year.-SANA


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  • the small dams in Pakistan are going to be constructed and a lot of social and motivational activities so Govt. should appoint some professional social workers in this concern.

  • Govt. should do some other kind of activities for making small dams more beautiful, such as creat different type of greenery around the dams and improve its wildlife for purposes for its more attractive and making it more beautiful.