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AQ Khan rejects providing nuke technology to Iran, Libya


ISLAMABAD: Nuclear Scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has made it clear he was not responsible for supply of nuke technology to Iran and Libya ,added European companies were involved in providing nuke technology to these countries. In an interview with foreign news agency, Dr. AQ Khan noted that some companies working in the nuclear industry in Europe were involved as suppliers, adding that the businesses, based in Europe’s most advanced economies – including the UK, Switzerland, Germany and Holland – provided nuclear technology to Iran and Libya.

He rejected allegations on him of providing nuke technology to Iran and Libya, adding that elements in black market from Germany, France and South Africa who have nuclear design were involved in nuke proliferation. Dr. AQ Khan said that the North Korean programme is totally based on reactor reprocessing plutonium, adding that the Korea acquired nuclear technology from Russia. He has denied passing on nuclear secrets. Now aged 72 and suffering from prostate cancer, Dr AQ Khan, regarded as a hero by most of his fellow Pakistanis, wants to set the record straight.

“They [the allegations] are bullshit and concoctions,” said Dr Khan from his villa in one of Islamabad’s leafiest residential areas, where he remains under house arrest. “Now I have become the black sheep.” In a telephone interview, Dr Khan said the confession had been made “in the national interest” but denied its contents were true. Mysteriously, he said that others “got away scot-free” as a result of him taking all the blame.-SANA



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