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National kabaddi camps from June 3

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ISLAMABAD: National Kabaddi and National Beach Kabaddi training camps under the aegis of Pakistan Kabaddi Federation will be commencing at FESCO Sports Complex, Faisalabad from June 3. This was stated by the Secretary, Pakistan Kabaddi Federation, Rana Muhammad Sarwar. He said that 25 players for Kabaddi and 16 players for Beach Kabaddi have been invited from four provinces, Army, Navy WAPDA, Police, Airforce, HEC, Railway and Islamabad. He further said that the camp will be divided in two sessions; morning and evening, morning for physical training and evening for practice purposes.

Though kabaddi is primarily an Indian game, not much is known about the origin of this game. There is, however, concrete evidence, that the game is 4,000 year old. It is a team sport, which requires both skill and power, and combines the characteristics of wrestling and rugby. It was originally meant to develop self-defense, in addition to responses to attack and reflexes of counter attack by individuals and by groups or teams. It is a rather simple and inexpensive game, and neither requires a massive playing area, nor any expensive equipment. This explains the popularity of the game in rural India. Kabaddi is played all over Asia with minor variations.

Kabaddi is known by various names viz. Chedugudu or Hu-Tu-Tu in southern parts of India, Hadudu (Men) and Chu – Kit-Kit (women) in eastern India, and Kabaddi in northern India. The sport is also popular in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Japan and Pakistan. In kabaddi dominated countries such as India and Canada, it is played on a professional basis with top players earning $25,000 and more for a 2 month season. The player who has made most out of the game is Balwinder Phiddu, who started playing in 1975 and only recently retired after the 1997 World Cup.

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