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Arena provides art entertainment facilities in Pakistan


KARACHI: Dr. Shahzad Qaiser Secretary Ministry of Tourism, performed the inauguration of the 2nd Phase of Arena (Miniature Golf & Rock Climbing) here in Karsaz (Next to Bahria Auditorium). At the inauguration Dr. Shahzad Qaiser said, “It is a privilege and an honour to inaugurate this new premises, for recreation and for leading a healthy lifestyle it is imperative that every one took up at least one sport and that sport was indisputably a very cheap remedy”. He further added that; “sports is not all about competition and that it is also not exclusive to certain age groups, he wished and hoped that people would become healthier and happier because of this facility”.

Speaking on the occasion CEO Millennium Entertainment Pvt. Ltd; Kalb-e-Abbas, pointed out that “this family recreational sports complex comprises of facilities like Bowling, Virtual Bowling, Miniature Golf, Pool Tables, Arcade Games, Paint Ball, Rock Climbing & Ice Skating” introducing for the first time in Pakistan. Abbas further stated that; “Arena is the only state of the art entertainment facility in Pakistan using best equipment from around the world. He is glad that they have taken this initiative and have successfully catered more than 100,000 satisfied customers at the first quarter of there initial launch”.

He further added that; “This is a service to the community and one has to undertake such a challenging task. Arena provides more than 12 recreational & Sports activity under one roof to the families and especially for the youth of Pakistan”. The CEO also announced that the Millennium Entertainment plans to develop similar facilities in other cities of the country. Many prominent celebrities & dignitaries were also seen at the inauguration.

About Arena: Arena family entertainment center, a project of Millennium Entertainment (Pvt.) Ltd. is pioneer in the field of refined and sophisticated family entertainment and recreation. The environment and the ambience is the envy of many catering to the needs and feeding the entertainment appetite of the vast population of Karachi. Situated in the heart of the city at main Karsaz portraying the heights of the country’s abilities in this regard, the venue is one to get mesmerized by and the experience will remain in the mind kindling a yearning to emulate the experience, calling one back to the Arena time and time again.

In order to attract a cross section of population, a combination of twelve different recreational activities, food outlets and mock tail / dessert bar have been gathered among those some of them have been introduced for the first time in Pakistan. For more information, please visit www.arena.net.pk.-SANA



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