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World Bank mission assesses Balochistan education support programme

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QUETTA: A World Bank mission now on a visit to Balochistan for assessing pace of development over Balochistan education support programme (BESP) called on the Governor Balochistan Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi on Wednesday. The World Bank had provided twenty-two million dollars for the programme which is being implemented through Balochistan Education Foundation. Balochistan Education Foundation was set up by the Government of Balochistan in 1994 for strengthening private sector provision of education and raising the standard of education in the province.

The mission informed the Governor about their visit of Schools running under Balochistan education support programme and expressed their satisfaction over the pace of work on it. Talking to the members of the mission, the Governor lauded their support for the promotion of primary education in the province and expressed the hope that they will continue their support in future also.

According to the website of Balochistan Education Foundation the key objective of the project is the promotion of public-private and community partnerships in order to improve access to quality primary education, in particular for girls. The project contributes to Pakistan’s long-term objective of achieving MDG Goals by targeting universal literacy, gender parity in education, and 100% net enrolment. The project would not overlap other on going Education projects in Balochistan but would supplement these projects in attaining MDGs.

Justification and existing facilities: Balochistan has a population of approximately 7.8 million people i.e. 5% of total population of Pakistan but spread over 45% of land area of the country. Mostly the population of the province lives in small and dispersed rural settlements with only 24 % urban population. According to the Balochistan Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (2003), eight of the ten most deprived districts in Pakistan are located in Balochistan. While there has been some improvement in the enrolment rates in recent years, Balochistan continues to lag behind other provinces in education service delivery. Gross enrolment rates in primary education in Balochistan have improved from 62% in 2001-2 to 67% in 2004-05 as against an average of 72% and 86% respectively in the country.

Low and declining net enrollment in primary education: National survey statistics for Balochistan show that Primary Net Enrolment Rate (NER) has increased only marginally from 36% in 1998-9 to 37% in 2004-05 after showing a decline in 2001-02 to 32%. Over this period net enrolment rates have shown an alarming lack of progress for both boys (44% in 1998-99, 39% in 2001-02, 44% in 2004-05) and girls (28% in 1998-99, 24% in 2001-02, and 29% in 2004-05). About one quarter (24 %) of children at primary school age (5-9) years in Balochistan were enrolled in primary school (Excluding katchi class) during the year 2002-3. The net enrollment rate is less than 32 % reported in the PIHS 2001. As per MICS 2004 Balochistan, there is an absolute difference in NER for boys (28 %) as compared to girls (20 %).-SANA

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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  1. I am working on education in Khuzdar form March,2006.
    In my school there are 350 students,135 of them are without out fee.I am trying to increasing remitted students.
    but our main problem is bulding.
    The bulding owners increasing the rent of bulding.
    for example our bulding owner have warn us to live this bulding withing 3 months
    We are not able to build bulding
    If the would bank provide us fund for consturction of bulding,So we can safe the
    education of poor chidrens.
    I request my respecteds ,Please help us
    Qadir Zehri
    New National Grammar Public School Kattan Khuzdar,Balochistan.

  2. we are working on education for the last 2 years. we are collecting donation from the people around us, sharing our own pocket money and supporting students. we have arranged GRE classes and aptitude test preparation programs . we want to build an institute where we can teach the students and help them in career counseling.

    i request world bank on the behalf of Baloch institute that we have not made this non-profitable organization for the sake of business as most of other organization doing.this institute is purely ideologically based we have no any personal interest we want to make Balochistan educated and we need every type of support(financial,services,moral).


  3. Shaikof Education & Development Foundation (SEDF) is rendering its valuable services Creating socio-academic awareness in Nushki. It is definitely non-Govt Organization.
    Foundation, since 2005, had been engaged in various activities, for instance, separate computer Lab for boys/Girls, free internet services, tuition Center, and Reference Library.
    Apart from this, Foundation has made special computer Video Teaching Courses (Tutor) in local Languages, Such as Balochi, Urdu and Brahvi for students. So that the students gain knowledge through CD’s. and Now we teaches students through Internet. http://shaikof-edf.blogspot.com
    The foundation since its very inception has been holding seminars workshops and recreational activities in order to widen student thoughts and tasks renders by them. It time and again produces many cadres. Who has been engaged affording better livelihood for their poverty stricken families.
    Shaikof Education & Development Foundation (SEDF), due to its very sincerity and noble cause has created good and reliable impression amongst Nushki masses.
    Ignorance is ruled in our society please help us educate the new generation.

  4. Dear Zehri sb, aoa

    I am currently researching on the ways to improve primary enrollment in Khuzdar and Kalat Districts. Is it possible that you can provide me the following info:-

    a) what is the total population of children of primary school age in these two distts?
    b) what is the %age of children which isn’t yet enrolled, both male and female?
    c) what are the primary reasons for low enrollment?
    d) what has been the contribution of BEMIS in improving enrollment?

    will be grateful if i can get this quickly.


    Fawad Hasan

  5. I want to know about Mr. Umer and Mrs Umer the principle of National Grammer School Kalat. If any body know about them or their contact please inform.


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